Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Pot Caused Man's Insanity, Criminal Behavior

Pothead convicted of insanity-induced crimes

THIS is WHY it's a BAD idea to legalize marijuana.

It drives people crazy and makes them commit crimes.

Hmm. Bill Clinton and Barack Obama smoked dope. Hmmmmmm... Osama bin Laden probably toked up a bit, too. HE looks like a potheaded hippy, y'know...

George Soros is spending millions on a campaign to legalize the stuff. No wonder. The stuff turns people into leftists, too, and causes them to vote for leftists.

Harry Pothead:

Look who's occupying the White House today.
Ah... that picture helps explain a lot of the crap he's been up to recently.

Cannabis use causes mental disorder, you know.  For example...

It also makes weird people call themselves silly names, such as "Balbulican". Here's a spyshot of that weird dude:

For the love of God, please, please, PLEASE do NOT legalize cannabis!

There's already enough weird-looking and -behaving folks there when we have no choice but to go uptown for some business.  (Why do the weirdies tend to congregate in downtown areas anyway?)

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Audrey II said...

Before anyone points out that even casual reading of the article would identify that it was withdrawal that was cited as the cause (not pot itself, as was claimed), which can occur with the abuse of many already legal substances, allow me to direct such people to the highly accurate and critically acclaimed documentary on the matter, "Reefer Madness". This important and well-argued film echoes Canadian Sentinel's astute message and can be viewed here. Spread the word!