Friday, November 05, 2010

Olbermann Busted!

Is that such a surprise?

Promlem for Keith is that he's not supposed to make political donations, 'cause it creates the impression of bias.

I say we already know that Keith Olbermann the "liberal" is biased.

Oh, and I'd like to add that there's not really a parallel between the MSNBCers (Olbermann and the guy who took his place during his mere, you-call-that-punishment?, two-day suspension) and the folks at FOX News... because at FOX, there's no prohibition against donating money to politicians, whereas there is at MSNBC.

The issue is that Olbermann and the other MSNBCer broke their employer's rules.


Watcher said...

That might upset his fan club... all 3 of his viewers (including his mom).

Audrey II said...

"Busted" for doing something that NewsCorp allows its employees to do.

Since media personalities donating to political campaigns is something you're so opposed to, I eagerly await your post condemning FOX for not prohibiting their employees for doing so. Shall we hold our breath?

Canadian Sentinel said...

Yup. Hold your breath. Whatever gets yer rocks off. But... be advised that people have died performing such bizarre "sex" acts.