Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More than 80 on-reserve politicians paid more than PM

More than 80 on-reserve politicians paid more than PM

...and their constituents live in abject poverty, never seeing improvement.

Yet if we say anything about greedy Aboriginal politicians, we're smeared by their propaganda attack dogs as "racist".

Hey... it's our money... if they won't use it to help regular, grassroots Aboriginals, then perhaps we should just give ALL the money directly to the ordinary Aboriginal people, regardless of whether they live on or off-reservation. Hell, offer a lot more if they move off-reservation. What better way than that to ultimately end the cycle of poverty and dependence? Give them an incentive to get out and be equal to everyone else, participate fully as equals in all of Canada, to stop being held back and down just because of race/ancestral heritage.

No doubt my recommendation will unhinge the ideologues who think they know what's best for Aboriginals:  Keeping them poor, hopeless, dependent and unequal.  With our money.

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Canuckguy said...

Too many reservations are run like tin horn 3rd world dictatorships.

I am very disappointed the various governments have not yet sorted out this deporable mess. It's a clear case of lacking courage, typical fallout from being politically correct, both liberals and conservatives are guilty of not rocking the reservation boat.