Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Obama's Puppetmaster Soros Prefers Chinese Regime To USA

Soros: China has better functioning government than U.S.

Of course, Herr Soros (nee Schwartz) obviously could care less that the Chinese Communist regime slaughters innocent people by the millions, and has from the beginning, continuing unabated to this day.

Also, he's been doing everything he can to help the Chinese Communists while devastating America and the Free World.

What does he care about others, as long as he makes billions doing it?

Oh, and, of course, he made his puppet bow...

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Jen said...

As I searched in the web, I came across that Soros moves his 'hedge funds' to HongKong. I do not know if this is old news or is fairly rececnt-looking at the 'situation is now in the States.