Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Jewish People vs George Soros

The Jewish People vs George Soros

Ooooh... once again, the truth is told about George Soros re his participation in the Holocaust.

Will he silence this latest truthtelling voice?


Jen said...

Glenn Beck spent most of his discussion on Soros, a man the msm would not venture into discussing the 'past life of Soros.

As Glenn pointed out, Soros funds the 'FREE PRESS' I wonder if he funds any of the canadian medias.

Lizzy May like Soros, so I am wondering if she gets any funding from him as well.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Nothing would surprise me. Soros's connections to the Left are extensive and astonishing. What G. Beck told us is, I suspect, only the tip of the iceberg. Oh, to be a fly on the wall when Soros and his cronies and minions conspire to impose socialism-communism, one world gov't and all sorts of decadent nonsense...