Thursday, November 11, 2010

Islamic Supremacicts Do Grave Dishonor On Remembrance Day

...burning a poppy, which symbolizes remembrance of the Valorous who fought, often paying the ultimate price, for our freedom.  And who continue to do so as we speak.

A large model of a poppy was burned in protest of the war in Afghanistan and several demonstrators chanted during two minutes of silence in London during Thursday morning Armistice Day ceremonies.

A group that calls itself Muslims Against Crusades chanted, "British soldiers burn in hell," and held signs saying, "Islam will dominate" and, "Our dead are in paradise, your dead are in hell."

The Remembrance Day protest, near Hyde Park, involved 50 members of the group, the Daily Mail newspaper reported.

Another 50 counter-demonstrators were also there. The two groups were separated by police.

Oh?  Muslims against Crusades?  In other words, Muslims think that the Christians shouldn't have finally gotten fed up and defended themselves after four centuries of Islamic attacks, invasions, slaughters, occupations, enslavements, forced conversions, and, of course, the building of Victory Mosques (or conversion of Churches into Mosques) in Muslim-invaded-and-occupied Christian lands?

Those fools are nothing but brainwashed imbeciles and vile, disgusting, filthy, slimy, detestable supremacists.

I wonder how those fools would react if someone burned a big Koran?  If someone drew a picture of Mohammed?  I think we know, so that's why this sort of blasphemy against Freedom and against the Valorous is rather ironic.


maryT said...

Lets twist the news coverage of the riots in London yesterday and say they were rioting against muslims planning to burn poppies.

Canadian Sentinel said...

That's probably what they teach about in journalism schools. Of course, they wouldn't call it "twisting the facts"; they'd call it "sophisticated, enlightened reporting" or something.

Anonymous said...

My dad and uncle served during WWII. Dad was on numerous ships that convoyed across the north Atlantic out-running the wolfpack. Uncle Gene had many of his buddies killed when their ship was hit and went down. Both are gone now but 'a line of police separating the groups' would never have stopped those two from opening up one big can of whoop-ass on someone desecrating the memory of the fallen.

For veterans everywhere, thank-you, thank-you a million thank-you's.

Jen said...

Thank you Anonymous, for sharing a piece of your Uncle's time in War; God Bless him and all those who died for us. Thank you.