Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Controversial conservative Winnipeg radio host silenced

Controversial conservative Winnipeg radio host silenced

Liberal Fascism again.

Facebook page set up. If you're on FB, search for "Red River College Kills Free Speech on 92.9 Kick FM". Be sure to click the "like" button.

The pushback is well underway...
Last week’s sudden cancellation of the campus and community program has unleashed an unexpected firestorm, even prompting reaction from Winnipeg Mayor Sam Katz, who called Mr. Gold and the station’s manager last Monday to express disappointment over leaked news of the show’s termination.

City Hall is abuzz, hundreds of listeners have joined a ‘Red River Kills Free Speech on 92.9 Kick FM’ Facebook page, the head of the Winnipeg Police Association is speaking out, and a handful of local blogs say their coverage of the melee has garnered new site-traffic records.

Mr. Gold, born and raised in the city’s tough North End, said the cancellation is “110% a free speech issue,” citing speculation that an editor of the Winnipeg Free Press — a publication that is repeatedly taken to task on his show — leaned on the college’s president to quash the program.

“Ultimately, it comes down to free speech and the college taking marching orders,” said Mr. Gold, who is not a student and who did not receive a salary to train the students and volunteers who cycled through the program over the past four years.

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