Saturday, October 16, 2010

What's the CBC Hiding?

Who does the CBC think they are, Obama?

What, are we asking to see the CBC's real, actual birth certificate?  Why the stonewalling and refusal to obey a judge's order to disclose?

Why so secretive?

What are they hiding?

Why are we paying for these fecking bastards to tell us nothing but bullshit?

We pay for the CBC.  We pay these peoples' salaries.

Yet they don't want us to know what we're getting and whether we're getting our money's worth (we aren't, but we want to know how much we aren't).
To free enterprisers, or to those who do not share the CBC's liberal bias, it borders on theft, especially as the CBC continues with its refusal to be accountable to those who pay its freight.

The CBC is so adamant about protecting internal documents, in fact, that it is now considering an appeal of a recent Federal Court order for it to hand over documents to Canada's information watchdog to see if it is fairly excluding information or simply trying to avoid embarrassment.

If it has nothing to hide, then why the fight?

And where is the hue-and-cry from that same small but hysterical group of individuals who had no qualms vilifying Sun News TV before having a single reason to do so beyond an obsessive fear of conservative viewpoints?
 (Emphasis mine)

One possibility is that they're wasting our money, using the CBC as a personal-enrichment vehicle.  In such a case, they'd certainly do everything they can to hide this corruption.

Time to pull the plug on this corrupt, unaccountable anachronism.

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Jen said...

The judge that ordered the release of the books is a liberal and all liberal both media and parties 'pretend' that they are for the public.
CS, the police would sooner arrest you than arrest the books from CBC.

I am pretty sure that CBC aides other functions that goes against us, our freedom of speech etc.

Have you heard this "One size fits all"

Well, CBC does that with their reporting. ONE REPORTER (size)REPORTS FOR ALL CBC REPORTERS.