Friday, October 01, 2010

Extremism Continues Its Expansion

I see reports such as this one and am inspired to say...

A bit extreme, no?

Reformists must get more aggressive against the extremists, or else it'll continue to worsen. All good people, be they Muslim or non-Muslim, must aggressively combat spreading, worsening extremism.

Otherwise... history is our guide to how it'll unfold. Extremists, when tolerated/appeased, take over and make things ever-worse for all.

No wonder people keep leaving "moderate" countries that are becoming ever-less-moderate as Islamization/Sharia Law continues to spread. Pretending that extremists are a tiny fringe minority is denial of the evidence that they're numerous and increasing in brutal control over society and state.

We must develop foreign policies that punish extremists and extremist-appeasing state apparati, like we did to Apartheid South Africa.

Why don't we do that kind of pressuring anymore?

After all, it's painful to witness such brutality happening to so many people. Leftists who claim to believe in keeping religion and state strictly separate are strangely silent on the issue of Islamization of state and movement towards Sharia Law.

I think that those who do their research, gathering the evidence and analyzing it properly, will realize that this extremism, like other kinds of extremism we see in Muslim-minority nations like Russia and Communist China, for example, is far more widespread and a greater threat than we're supposed to believe.

I suspect that this is because corrupt politicians are more interested in money than in humanity.

The extremists, particularly those who wear business suits and put on a "moderate" act, I suspect they're bribing Free World politicians to "look the other way" and even implement extremist-friendly policies, both foreign and domestic. The evidence I'm seeing does point to this high likelihood.

After all, politicians of all colors, faiths (or no faith), of all origins, etc., are known to be corruptible, all over the world, and the extremists know this, and seek to bribe them with a view towards enabling increasing control for the extremists everywhere.

Of course, needless to say, it's not just about Islamic extremists.  All kinds of evil everywhere must be exposed. I also find and post examples of extremism, inhumanity and corruption re. the likes of Russia, China, Venezuela, etc.

It's scary that the "mainstream" media is complicit in the enabling of the worsening of extremism everywhere, including in the Free World, as a matter of fact.

Recall the CSIS head's warning that foreign spies/covert influencers from various nations run by corrupt, brutal leaders/apparatchiks, are messing with our politicians right here at home!

Yet the "mainstream media" is always quick to poo-poo the very idea as a fantasy, as if reality was all about Care Bears, Teletubbies and rainbow-farting unicorns and that the only threats are coming from those who show evidence of corruption and evil and warn about it. Sheesh. So many are so blind... so wilfully ignorant of bad stuff happening and spreading everywhere.

Sound nuts to you? That's because you depend on the "mainstream" media for your perceptions of the world around you. And this is why you're unaware of just how bad things really are and are becoming.

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