Monday, October 25, 2010

Well, What About Obama's Documents, Too?

So a Senatorial candidate has been ordered to release his background documentation because "the public has a right to know" about the background of candidates.

So... how about making the same ruling about Obama?  The public has a right to know about the background of the guy who's dictating all sorts of crap to them!  Why not?  There's stuff the People want to know, and many, many documents being held in secret, including the (real, long-form) Birth Certificate, which would constitute proof one way or another as to whether Obama meets the Constitution's Eligibility Clause that states that the President MUST have been born on American soil.

Should there be disclosure for a lesser politician but not for the President?  I mean, the President is far more powerful than a Senator, so the public's right to know is far greater in Obama's case.  Of course, socialists will attempt to argue the contrary, against all reason and logic, because they want there to be a socialist dictating the advancement of socialism-communism no matter what The People want or don't want!

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