Monday, October 25, 2010

Left Flipflops on Private Property Rights For Ground Zero Victory Mosque

Leftists wear these funny things to symbolize their religion, which dictates flipflopping according to convenience.

A little fish?  Forget private property rights, 'cause a little fish is more important than human rights!

A victory mosque at Ground Zero?  Then private property rights are ironclad!

Story here.

"The simple fact is this building is private property, and the owners have a right to use the building as a house of worship." Thus did New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg dismiss mainstream America's objection to the building of a mosque at Ground Zero. The refrain echoed throughout the halls of liberalism: Like it or not, the proposed mosque is on private property, and private property rights trump all else.

Really? Liberals will grind private construction to a halt on behalf of a threatened snail darter, but now they suddenly stand as misty-eyed defenders of private property? A rain puddle on private property is all the justification they need to declare that property a "wetland" and seize control of it.

The left's disdain for private property became official policy with the Kelo decision of 2005. In Kelo, five liberals on the Supreme Court changed the meaning of the Constitution's "takings" clause so that government could seize private property, not just for public use, but for the benefit of other private parties whose agenda aligned with that of the government. The idea was that those for whom the property was seized might pay more in taxes than the rightful owners. The simple fact that the property was privately owned presented no barrier at all to the government's agenda.

But when Imam Rauf wants to build a mosque at Ground Zero nine years after the murder of 3,000 Americans, liberals tell us that we'd better just get used to the idea because he has private-property rights. 

See, the Left will change their mind on their principles just like that, as per convenience.

Sacred, not sacred.  Not sacred, sacred.  Depends on the issue and what's convenient for the Left.

Just like with the Constitution.  One day they'll say it MUST be obeyed.  The next day they don't want to talk about the document because it's "irrelevant".  Then the day after that, suddenly it's sarcosanct and written in stone all over again.


Can't trust the Left on ANYTHING!

So... never, never, never again vote for leftists!

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