Saturday, October 16, 2010

Canada Did the Right Thing in Standing With Israel Against UN

Story here.

A must-read.

It's an antidote to the incessant torrents of verbal bovine diarrhea coming from the Lamestream Media, which is desperately attempting to spin a good thing into a bad thing and to make the Conservaties/PM Harper look bad while making the Liberals/Ignatieff look good by false default.

It's shameful that the folks in the Lamestream Media buy so brainlessly, immorally into the big lies they're hearing about millions of Jewish people in one tiny nation, big lies told about them by jealous supremacists who hate them and want to get rid of them...

It's time to stop the Judeophobia and the Israelophobia and point the finger of condemnation at the Islamic nations, the United Nations and the Lamestream Media who are responsible for the spread of hatred, contempt and murder against a brutally persecuted minority group in the Middle East!

Canada can rest easy tonight, because she did the right thing, the moral thing.

Canada has absolutely nothing to apologize for.

Canada stands tall and proud, secure in the knowledge that she is right and that her detractors are wrong.

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