Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Photographic Fraud At Obama State Department

This video demonstrates how the same image of Obama was recycled for numerous photographs, each with a different bunch of folks.  It's as if those folks all had their pic taken with a wax figure of Obama.  He doesn't move for any of them, is frozen, though positioned a bit differently via 'shopping.

See the actual photographs for yourself here.


More of the usual fraud being committed by the Obamacracy?

If they'd do this, then is it so hard to believe that they'd lie about Obama being born on American soil?


Kez Creates said...

I want to say that I disagree that he was photoshopped in, I think that he has perfected his photo-op face. His wife's expression looks the same in the photos too, but she is doing different things with her hands in every photo. I think Obama has got his perfect winning smile ready to go at any given notice and that's what we see here. But it really does look totally freaky to see all those where he just simply looks exactly the same, only slightly turned in towards some of the guests in various shots. I could be wrong but it does look totally wonky to have that many photos on the same evening all looking SO much alike. I think it's just the 'fake poster boy' smile though, in my humble opinion.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Every detail of his face remains constant, doesn't change at all. No way can a human being pull off the precise same face, millimeter by millimeter, time after time, so many times over. Guy's a friggin' cyborg with a programmed smile.

thieme said...

I think you are jealous.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Jealous? Of what?

∞ ≠ ø said...

Now this was a challenge I really enjoyed. First instinct said no way! Then I looked at the photos on flicker and thought damn! These are all "shopped." So I dug in. The photos with metadata are available at:
Here you can zoom in and get a pretty good look at things.

My first thought was that the first lady has been trained not to stand with her legs side by side. She must be bow legged. She had on enough mink oil to keep her from going ashy through the next millennium.
The reception poses consisted of 134 photos that were taken between 7:05 and 8:28 on the evening of Sep. 23, 2009. They received, posed with, and discharged 1 party every 37 seconds.
I looked at everything: the tape on the floor, shadows, pants creases etc. It all shows variability with the exception of Barry O's face. Freaky!
This is one weird agent.
He broke down once, at 8:18 P.M., while posing with H.E. Ronald Jumeau, Permanent Representative of the Republic of Seychelles. (The Republic of Brown Shoes)
He is Barack of Borg. I think they're real. The photos were batched onto a hard drive between 2:18 and 2:23 A.M. that morning. They were systematically shuffled. All are digital, all go through Photoshop.
He looks cropped in- in all his photos. Grinning idiot. This whole presidency has been a crop job in the first place. So it wouldn't surprise me if he were cropped in. I do think they are real... real weird. But I just can't be sure.
Hmmmm....Too bad I don't know anyone in the film arts. Someone who may have an opinion... hmmmm