Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Liberal Men Aren't Real Men

 He may be the one wearing the pants, but...

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A real man is one who can and will provide for his family and does what it takes to do so, because he believes in himself and his ability to do so and believes that it's important to do so.

A liberal man isn't like that.  He's different.

 Two examples of common liberal males

Here’s the problem with the modern liberal man -- he can never fully provide that sense of security for his family, because he doesn’t believe that he can provide it for himself.
 A typical liberal male, with typical "progressive" headgear
Liberals don’t believe in the ultimate concept of self-reliance, which is why they look to the government for stability. Extravagant welfare, the near impossibility of getting fired on the public dole and an increasingly complicated tax code are all products of the same deeply rooted concept that man cannot provide for himself.

Typical liberal "intellectuals"

The truth is, that the spirit of the great American man is dying. In the age of entitlement mindsets and a perpetually defeatist attitude, if we don’t pro-actively pass the concept of independent self-reliance on to our children it could be lost forever.

Of course, Obama doesn't have to worry about self-sufficiency.  He's a welfare hog himself, suckling on the Taxpayer Teat...  his family is supported by Other Peoples' Money.

 Typical liberal moron male

Imagine if all that were to end one day.  No more easy civil service/union jobs.  What, then, does one do to provide for oneself and one's family?  The Liberal Man, not knowing what self-sufficiency meant, or that it was even possible, probably wouldn't have a clue!

Men who don't enjoy that kind of luck, with the easy, comfy job funded with a seemingly endless supply of tax-and-borrowed dollars, can't be expected to be impressed with someone like Obama, who doesn't exactly qualify for a rags-to-riches story.

On the other hand, real men are like...

LOU FERRIGNO.  Yes, he IS a cop now.  With training in counterterrorism and dealing with illegal aliens.  And he's conservative and patriotic.  Naturally, the Liberal Media ignores him.
And here's Lou, sometime back in the Eighties, I believe, showing CHUCK NORRIS how to work out...

If CHUCK NORRIS will seek advice on how to become stronger from someone, then you just know that that someone is freakin' strong and tough himself!

Do you think CHUCK NORRIS would seek advice from a liberal male?  Bwahahahaha!


joe six-pack said...

I consider this to be a natural human cycle. Like the Romans, (And some other advance societies) after a society becomes powerful and fairly secure, changes occur in what are important to people. I don't like it, nor do I want it to occur. It does seem to me to be a natural human weakness.

A major problem here is that I do not know of any way to prevent it, nor reverse it. Other than through very hard times. Not a very pleasant thought.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Seems I struck a nerve... a banned left-wing extremist troll left a particularly nasty comment, not that I'm gonna publish it...