Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Sheriff Arpaio Demands Microfilm With Obama's REAL BC On It

Sheriff Joe Arpaio, America's toughest, most no-bullshit sheriff:
No jerking around anymore- Produce the evidence NOW!

This Sheriff is incorruptible and cannot be intimidated.

He's not buying any bullshit.

He's Obama's worst nightmare.

Story... HERE!

The EVIDENCE tells you the truth the media never, ever will!

Why is Obama hiding the truth?  Would his REAL birth certificate prove something terrible, like... high treason (the penalty for which can be the ultimate) via knowingly seeking and occupying Office of the President while not meeting the Constitution's Eligibility requirements for being legally, constitutionally allowed to do so?

Your balls are mine, Barry!

Listen, Barry, we can do it the easy way...

...or the hard way!  Dr. House is standing by...


MikeAdamson said...

It's too bad the Sheriff took til now to demand the much time and energy and blog space has been wasted when all we needed was a demand from Sheriff Joe. I'm surprised that Corsi and WND didn't think of this sooner but better late than never I guess.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Well, don't you think they want to do it properly, ie. get the facts and evidence already available, and THEN declare what further evidence is required? That's the proper procedure for an investigation/probe.

Isn't it good that the people investigating Obama are professional and scrupulous?

Robert of Ottawa said...

Hold on a minute ... the lady's twins were births numbers 10637 and 10638, Obama's number is 10641.

So, either there was a delay in recording the birth, or those twins are older than Obama.

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