Friday, November 25, 2011

Prominent Blog Troll Spotted At WalMart?

Folks who frequent the Canadian political blogosphere are familiar with the avatar of a certain prominent left-wing cunninglinguist.

I believe he's been spotted at WalMart and featured on "People of WalMart":


balbulican said...

Dang. Busted. But you can't blame - their selection of banjo strings is unbeatable.

Úgy látom said...

Cat guard of Canada.

Picture of this comrade here lies:

Canuckguy said...

Looks more like Balbul's buddy, Stageleft.

balbulican said...

By the way, Sentinel, it looks as though that damned left wing tool of George Soros, Fox News, has joined the Islamofascist homosexualist commie campaign to demonize the pure and virtuous Republican you favour. It's funny that this time he's not actually denying the allegations, isn't it?