Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Accusers

Yup.  When a black man smiles at a white woman, or if he mentions how tall his wife is, it's "sexual harassment", as far as the Democrats and their propaganda arm, the "mainstream" media, are concerned...  Right.  It's a black thing.  They can't control themselves, right?  Can't have a black man in the White House, right, 'cause he's a sexual predator because of the color of his skin, right...  Isn't it nice that the Democrats and their propaganda arm aren't racist at all?

When the Republican Presidential candidate is white, the Left tries to destroy him by calling him "racist"

When the Republican Presidential candidate (or a Constitution-adhering Supreme Court Justice nominee) is black, they try to destroy him by hiring non-credible political propaganda whores to accuse him of "sexual harassment".


balbulican said...

So - one of the women works for the Federal Government.


Canadian Sentinel said...

Admit it, you'd use that against a Bush admin. employee who'd accuse Obama of being foreign born... ;)

balbulican said...

No, I wouldn't. I'm a bit confused about why you feel being a federal employee somehow diminishes her credibility.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Ah, sanitize it to "federal employee", rather than an Obamacrat minion.

It's too close for comfort in the minds of many voters.

Canadian Sentinel said...

C'mon, you know about the political communications thing. You know it matters in many folks' minds.

balbulican said...

Dude - you're the guy who's insinuating that her employment with the federal government means something. More than two million people work for the US federal government. It's the biggest employer in America.

Canadian Sentinel said...

I'm the guy saying how the electorate thinks, and how the media operates, when attacking conservatives.

Associations are damning when the person having the associations aren't leftists.

I'm just applying that standard to the accusers of the conservative in question, is all.

Right or wrong? Not up to you or me to decide. The GOP Primary voters and perhaps the electorate at large later on will decide, not us.

Canadian Sentinel said...

It's the Court of Public Opinion, you know.

That's the Court in which the accusations are being made.

Not a real court.

The Court of Public Opinion has no rules, so...

Canadian Sentinel said...

It's similar to a civil trial.

Which is different from a criminal trial.

In the civil trial, it's about probabilities, patterns, preponderances of evidence, relative credibilities of the parties, etc.

That's how the Court of Public Opinion, which is manipulated quite heavily by the lamestream media, operates.

And it's also how the electorate operates, particularly the all-important swing voters...

Such is the reality of politics and elections.

Canadian Sentinel said...

I hope you don't mind me lecturing you on stuff you don't understand. I know it's hard for people like you to take lectures from people like me, after all. The age thing, the amount of formal education thing, the career/business success thing, etc... you figure you're right and I'm wrong about stuff due to those things you have in greater quantity than I.

But you need some humility, my good man, sometimes. Sometimes you need to open your mind, pay attention, think about what is said and understand.

balbulican said...

Oh, I think I have a pretty good sense of how public opinion works, Sentinel.

What I'm trying to understand - once again - is why you feel that being employed by the government damages the credibility of one of the plaintiffs, in the court of public opinion or anywhere else. I don't get it.

∞ ≠ ø said...

Tax cheat Timi Geithner is Otard's political appointee Sec. of Treas.
Her SF-171 went straight to his desk.
As director of communications for the I.G. office she is the one responsible for this.
Administration falling short on FOIA compliance, critics say
"Among the agencies with the worst reputation for responding to FOIA requests, witnesses said, are the Treasury Department and the Securities and Exchange Commission."
"Judicial Watch, a conservative advocacy group, has filed 325 FOIA requests with the administration for documents related to federal bailouts, the mortgage crisis and complaints about airport pat downs, often to no avail. The group has now filed 44 lawsuits with the administration in federal court seeking access to those documents."
Contributions to Political Committees


01/11/2009 250.00 29991055385

This is interesting as I don't think she officially worked at Treasury until 2010. (looking to confirm this.)

More on this show pony here:

• And a question? News reports have Kraushaar working for both the Clinton and Bush administrations. Implying she has always been a career employee. Is this so? How did she enter federal government service in the Clinton administration? As a career employee? Or as a political -- Clinton -- employee who later "careered in" -- the latter a standard Washington practice that effectively has layered the Washington bureaucracy with one-time political appointees.

Any other questions there buster brown balbriggans?