Thursday, November 17, 2011

Obama's Socialist Revolutionaries To Attack New York TODAY: Reports

...while Obama and his regime just sit back and enjoy the chaos and destruction.

In a signal the movement may be entering a more violent phase, Occupy Wall Street unveiled a new website titled Occupy Revolution to serve as a central hub for planning revolutionary tactics.


balbulican said...

So, Sentinel...apparently the shooter who attempted to murder Obama and his family shares your view that Obama is some kind of AntiChrist.

Friend of yours, or just someone who shares your world view - like the mass murderer in Norway?

Nice folks you share beliefs with, my friend.

Canuckguy said...

Oh, come on Balbul, your comment is out of left field and is uncalled for as there is no comparison between the deranged loner loser nutcase and Sentinel ....oh... wait

balbulican said...

I guess my point is that if you scroll back over the last three years of postings from our host, you'll see many that portray Obama as a devil, or Hitler, up to and including links to truly idiotic WND articles speculating that he may be the antichrist.

To believe that is insane. To PRETEND to believe it as a political argument is, in my opinion, even worse. It's dishonest, and the inevitable result is a nutbar with a gun.

Terryisagirl'sname said...

balbulican shares beliefs with:

Mao: genocide, 49-78 million
Stalin: genocide, 23 million
Hitler: genocide, 12 million
Tojo: genocide, 5 million
Enver: genocide,2.5 million
Pol Pot: genocide, 1.7 million
Sung: genocide, 1.6 million
Haile Mariam: genocide,1.5 million

And those are just the big boys weighing in at 100,000,000 lives.

Socialists are as socialists do.

Cansuckguys, you are as useful as a tailless flagellate.
Delivered through your mother's ass you came into this world and shall ever remain below tolerable standards.
Go away you sick jock sniffing fluffer.
Do you not realize how disgusting smarmy sycophants like yourself are?

There. That should help balbouillabaisse recognize contempt.

Canuckguy said...

Waaaaaaaaaaahhhhh, my feelings are hurt. You're a mean girl.

glacierman said...

Balb, interesting that Jesus said to Peter, "get behind me Satan" and he was the one who started the Church in Italy.

For any of us to say that Obama has done things which are in the "anit-Christ spirit" are not too far off base. He is not THE Anti-Christ, but he sure resembles him at times.

Now where is his BC anyways? O is a liar and deceiver. Now who else has been called that?

balbulican said...

Glacierman, we've all done things which are in the "anti-Christ" spirit, as every lapse of charitable speech in on this blog - my own as well others - attests.

My point is that when we admit themes like eliminationism and literal demonizing into what should be a political dialogue, we do two things - we legitimize the extremists, and we make real dialogue that much harder.

∞ ≠ ΓΈ said...

Suuuuuure it does.

Re-framing with truth we see that, in fact, the extremists are demonized and the task of the subversive is that much harder.

Doh! Almost cashed in on that one eh balbsey? How do they pay you? Do they buy properties from you at inflated costs, or is it just copious amounts of salo and caviar?