Sunday, November 06, 2011

Cain's Accusers Sic'd On Him By Powerful, Murderous White Supremacist Cartel

Herman Cain is his own man.
No one owns him.
No one controls him.
He dares to tell it like it is.
And will do the right thing.  He promised to de-fund the abortion industry.
That made some powerful, deadly racists angry.
What you've seen recently being done to Mr. Cain is their punishment of him.

Who is The Cartel?  Background can be deduced from... THIS.

They were stolen from their homes, locked in chains and taken across an ocean. And for more than 200 years, their blood and sweat would help to build the richest and most powerful nation the world has ever known.

But when slavery ended, their welcome was over. America's wealthy elite had decided it was time for them to disappear and they were not particular about how it might be done.

What you are about to see is that the plan these people set in motion 150 years ago is still being carried out today. So don't think that this is history. It is not. It is happening right here, and it's happening right now. 

Herman Cain dared to go against The Cartel.

So they decided to attempt to destroy his chances of securing the Republican Presidential Nomination.

As soon as he angered them by declaring that he will terminate taxpayer funding for abortion, the sexual harassment allegations suddenly hit (question: what is's connection to The Cartel?) and the rest of the "mainstream" media, which is also itself virulently pro-baby-murder.

Apparently, the "mainstream" media is in the pocket of The Cartel, if not part of it.

Sinister story here.

Time would eventually show that most influential blacks did not have Samuel Yette's courage. Thus, they chose one of the two options offered to them by the Cartel. In just one example of this, the politically ambitious Jesse Jackson instantly went from describing abortion as "genocide" and calling for a constitutional amendment to ban it, to one of its most shameless apologists. In Jackson's world, "genocide" had morphed into "choice" virtually overnight. He, and others like him, were creating a model for how to suck-up to America's power-elite. It is a model that is still in use as you read this.

(They got to Jesse Jackson and made him turn... evil.)

In the last few weeks, Cain began pointing out that the Cartel is still alive and well in the form of organizations like Planned Parenthood. He also reminded the public that this particular organization was founded as an instrument of eugenics while being politically and financially backed by ultra-wealthy racists and eugenicists. He then correctly pointed out that Planned Parenthood, as well as other eugenics organizations, have disproportionately placed their facilities in minority communities with results that have been both disastrous and predictable. Finally, he called for Planned Parenthood to be stripped of its one-million-dollars-a-day in taxpayer funding. (You heard correctly ... $1,000,000 a day.)
The fascinating thing is that, within hours, anonymous people start dropping out of the trees to claim that Herman Cain sexually harassed them. As we have seen in the past, this is a very convenient charge because it is one that is virtually impossible to refute. The reality is that, in the minds of many, the accusation itself is evidence of guilt. Once the charge is made, the target has to prove a negative and, for all practical purposes, that cannot be done.

This is especially problematic for Republicans since the standard for using it against them is different than it is for Democrats. For whatever reason, it appears that our society has reached a point where it simply accepts that Democratic politicians will have significantly lower moral standards than Republican politicians. The perfect example of this, of course, is Bill Clinton. I mean, here is a man that even the most ardent Democrats would not leave alone in a room with their 15-year-old daughter, but would happily elect president of the United States.

Bill Clinton was way worse.  But since he is pro-abortion, he got a totally free pass.

Herman Cain, however, has been targeted for a HIGH-TECH LYNCHING!

The Klan is back.  And they have a target.  His name is Herman Cain.

We will stand with Herman Cain against the Klan.


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Anonymous said...

Connection to Politico = the first accuser's son works for Politico.