Thursday, November 24, 2011

Gingrich Talks EMP Bomb Dangers

One of my left-wing trolls doesn't believe there's such a thing as Electromagnetic Pulse technology, particularly in the form of massive airburst bombs.

Well, they're very real.  Ask Newt Gingrich.

What do they do?  They knock out electronics... all electronics, like computers, communications, powerplants, etc., etc.

And we're dependent on electronics and computers for so much, including national defence and national security.  We're talking incapacitation, incommunicado, incapable of effective defence.

It's that easy for an enemy to send an ICBM or two or three or any number across the world to render us defenceless, and then move in and invade and do as they please.  Yes, it's possible.  But, of course, leftists don't want us to know this.  Wonder why not?  Are they traitors?

The left-wing propagandists will attempt to run interference on behalf of our mortal enemies.

Let them prove the threat is a fantasy and anyone believing it should be made fun of.  OR look into it for yourself...


balbulican said...

"One of my left-wing trolls doesn't believe there's such a thing as Electromagnetic Pulse technology, particularly in the form of massive airburst bombs."

Really? Which left-wing troll would that be, Sentinel?

EMP effects have been known since nuclear weapons were first tested.

I do recall mocking your hysterical prediction some years ago that an Islamist attack on North America was imminent(and of course I was right). Is that what you're mis-remembering?

balbulican said...

In case you've forgotten:

Canuckguy said...

OK Sentinel, you want fries with this? When eating your words of course.

Úgy látom said...

A bal fing és apró kutya.

Sixth Estate said...

You'd need a high-yield fusion-type bomb to have major effects, not the fission bombs that are probably proliferating right now (or could be in the future, or aren't, or whatever, that's a separate debate). Even assuming your assessment of near-total damage is right, which I don't buy for a moment, that picture can't possibly match up to its own claim that an EMP would have effects over a million square miles -- do the math, the circle is too large.

More importantly, a substantial proportion of the American nuclear arsenal would survive in functional condition. It was designed to. Pretty much by definition, any country with the capacity to "move in and invade" in the aftermath of an EMP strike wouldn't need or want to bother with an EMP strike to begin with.

balbulican said...

That's what's funny about this whole argument (although you don't want to discourage one of our primary sources of amusement): focusing on the EMP impacts of a fusion bomb detonation is a bit like warning people about sunburn as a result of exposure to an unshielded reactor. It sounds way cool and kinda scary for the folks who don't know any better, but it misses the point.

∞ ≠ ø said...

EMP bombs do not require a nuclear detonation. In fact, in the Sept. 2001 issue, Popular Mechanics magazine published an article stating that conventional E-bombs could be built for as little as $400.00. The movie Ocean’s Eleven does a good job of demonstrating tactical deployment of such a device. While the required technology is overstated and the required explosion is understated, the scale and result don’t stray far from reality. Wall Street could be knocked out for months by the deployment of such a device or devices from high rise office space. Targeting several large financial districts simultaneously would prove disastrous if successful.
The threat is very real, and has been for some time. Can you imagine what blahblah’s response would have been if, in August 2001, Sentinel posted the suggestion that Muslims may try to hijack passenger planes and fly them into targets like the White House and the World Trade Center? Think about what that response would have looked like. Pretty similar scoffing, belittling, and arrogant use of metaphor.
Just because this threat hasn’t been realized doesn’t make blahblah any less of an ass right now.

Hmmmmm. Seems blahblah has a new friend.
Hello to Ugy Latom.

Robert of Ottawa said...

I design electronics, for all sorts of applications and environments. I can assure you that military electronics are designed to survive the EMP of a nucular [sic ;-)] explosion.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Robert, very interesting. Tell me, basically what is it that'd done with the circuits and such in military hardware and such to shield them from EM radiation, regardless of the magnitude?

I'm interested.

And could you please provide a good link for my education? Thanks!

This is a very important thing, and it's critical to shove aside any bullshit... so let's get to work, folks. Careful, though, because I am very capable of analysing scientific language, as with any technical, etc. language written in English.

balbulican said...

"There are two basic ways to protect or harden items against EMP effects. The first method is metallic shielding. Shields are made of a continuous piece of metal such as steel or copper. A metal enclosure generally does not fully shield the interior because of the small holes that are likely to exist. Therefore, this type of shielding often contains additional elements to create the barrier. Commonly, only a fraction of a millimeter of a metal is needed to supply adequate protection. This shield must completely surround the item to be hardened.

The second method, tailored hardening, is a more cost-effective way of hardening. In this method, only the most vulnerable elements and circuits are redesigned to be more rugged. The more rugged elements will be able to withstand much higher currents. This method has shown unpredictable failures in testing, though it is thought it may be useful to make existing systems less vulnerable."

BB-Idaho said...

Newt is correct about electronic
interference-every time he shows up on my TV, I turn it off....