Sunday, September 25, 2005

Response to Traitor Carol Jamieson

Via Bourque, there is a letter written by John Reynolds and Michael Fortier, Conservative Party of Canada National Campaign Co-Chairs, in direct rebuttal to Carol Jamieson's traitorous letter attacking leader Stephen Harper and garnering oodles of media attention.

Ms. Jamieson, known for her long history of attacking all Conservative leaders in the past, recently made a left-wing media darling of herself by continuing her bizarre, uncalled-for attacks upon the CPC's current leader Harper.

Reynolds and Fortier rebut in their letter:

First off, Stephen Harper’s leadership is not in question. Those who are publicly attacking him represent a miniscule proportion of our total party membership. One critic in particular, Carol Jamieson, has garnered a disproportionate amount of publicity that belies her lack of credibility. Ms. Jamieson is a perennial malcontent who has militated against party leaders from Joe Clark to Stockwell Day and now Stephen Harper. She represents no one but herself, and none but the credulous take her seriously. Moreover it has come to light that some of the people she claims support her dissidence have denied it, further undermining the integrity of her claims.


The bottom line is clear. Stephen Harper is the best political leader in Canada. He is bright, articulate and passionate about his party and his country. His grasp of policy is unparalleled. He is someone who has thought long and hard about the issues. He has great faith in Canada’s unlimited potential, and knows clearly where he wants to lead us as a nation. No phoney photo-ops, no outlandish rhetoric, no promises that will never be kept. Leadership, vision, commitment. That is what Stephen Harper brings to the table. And that is why all of us, no matter our particular views on different issues, need to support our leader and our party.

In summary, it is simply bad politics to publicly attack your leader. It serves no one’s interests. Our party and caucus are strong and united. We have sufficient funding, a wealth of qualified candidates, a strong national membership base, and a caucus that is the envy of the political world. And we are led by the most intelligent politician in Canada today. Leave the carpers in their well-deserved obscurity. Let us focus on the future and work together for our fellow Canadians, and for Canada. (emphasis mine)

In short, Ms. Jamieson is merely helping the Liberals, deliberately, in my opinion. She knows that by carrying on with this irrational, assinine, unjustified nonsense she is giving the corrupt, cavalierly worthless, authoritarian Martin Liberal Party a big present. Why doesn't she just go and join Belinda Stronach on the benches of the soulless, principleless greedy opportunists who really couldn't care less about Canada and Canadians?

And, by the way, I would suggest that Mr. Bourque focus his attention upon something far more important: the TPC TechScam scandal which is expanding all around him.

Update Sept. 26, 2005: A Matter of Timing at Small Dead Animals: Kate reports on another Liberal scandal, the Firearms Registry, upon which Auditor General Sheila Fraser is training her skilled eye and is scheduled to report on it this coming February. Also includes coverage of the Carol Jamieson bugalaboo.