Thursday, September 29, 2005

More Evidence that the MSM is Anti-Conservative

Based on Lorrie Goldstein's latest article on mainstream media (MSM) anti-Conservative/pro-Liberal bias, this post continues what could well become a Canadian Sentinel series aimed at proving that the MSM is biased against the Conservatives and therefore cannot be trusted by the Canadian electorate to provide reliable, impartial, balanced and fair reporting on the upcoming federal general election.

I'm doing this continuing expose of MSM anti-Conservative hostility due to a longstanding and progressively, increasingly proven-to-be-true suspicion that the MSM in general has demonstrated a desire and perhaps a business/political interest in actively seeking to maintain the Liberal Party of Canada in power forever, regardless of the very real dangers of perpetual Liberal rule, including the danger that Canada might not even have a future if the Liberals are reelected again this coming election.

Global TV's Peter Kent, running as a Conservative in the upcoming election, alerted Mr. Goldstein to a "recent study by two Ryerson University journalism professors".
These findings are contained in "The Canadian News Directors Study", an informative survey of the political leanings and demographics of TV news directors, conducted by Marsha Barber and Ann Rauhala. The results were published in the May 2005 issue of the "Canadian Journal of Communication".

Among the findings of the study:

* Almost half of all Canadian television news directors, the individuals who have the most influence in determining what political news is covered on your favourite nightly newscast and how it is reported, vote Liberal.

* A TV news director working at the tax-funded CBC is almost three times more likely to vote for the NDP in federal elections, compared to his or her counterpart in the private sector.

* When this research was compiled in 2002, just over one in 10 (11.4%) of all private sector news directors said they would vote for the Canadian Alliance. However, not one news director at the CBC described himself (or herself) as an Alliance voter.

A really-gotta-read.

Note the unsurprising finding that the CBC is particularly leftwards-biased. Who would've ever noticed without a study to tell us?