Tuesday, September 13, 2005

A Distraction of No Consequence

So Peter C. Newman has written a book based on many taped conversations he had with former Canadian prime minister Brian Mulroney.

Mr. Mulroney is upset, saying he feels "devastated" and "betrayed".

It's causing quite some controversy. Mr. Mulroney, according to Mr. Newman, has said some
critical things about fellow former PM Kim Campbell, to which Ms. Campbell, apparently annoyed at his long-ago criticism, replied for herself. The blogosphere is rife with discussion of this tempest in a teapot.

Of what consequence is it that Mr. Newman wrote this book? None in the real world, unless we foolishly make it of consequence.

This is nothing more than a money-making stunt for Mr. Newman and a welcome distraction for Prime Minister Paul Martin in taking some rightfully critical attention away from his corrupt, lackluster, sorry excuse for a government.

Canadians would be well advised to roll their eyes at the MSM for making a big deal. Why, we've seen the devastation in New Orleans caused by hurricane Katrina and, instead of focussing discussion upon what we should be doing to prepare for similar disasters in Canada and discussing many more truly relevant matters such as the threat of terrorism and the rapidly deteriorating state of democracy, the MSM chooses to yatter on about their neverending fetish, Mr. Mulroney.

Leave him alone already. He's not at fault for the many, many inexcusable problems from which Canadians suffer or may someday suffer.
Hello, the fault lies with Paul Martin and his "Liberal" Party.

Let us instead direct our anger towards those who really have it coming, and allow Mr. Mulroney to recover in peace from his long illness and enjoy his retirement. For heaven's sake, Canadians are supposed to be nice, pragmatic people!


TonyGuitar said...

An Albertan asked the simple question, *Why are Chretien and Martin both behind bars/*

We have seen Brault's and others' testimony that directly indights both men. This is ample evidence to commence proceedings in any civil court.

The Albertan, who we suspect at first to be a little simplistic, is absolutly correct.

Such is the magic teflon quality in the either of high political office.. eh? 73 TG

Canadian Sentinel said...

Didn't you mean "aren't"? We can only wish they "are" behind bars...

Unfortunately, they probably control the judiciary, therefore, perhaps that's why they're still off scott-free...

To be optimistic, the day will come when either the Libranos are dethroned democratically or the citizenry organize a massive nationwide protest against them, forcing them to step down...

It happened in a number of nations over the last number of years...

Don't they see it coming? Pity.