Sunday, September 25, 2005

AdScam: The Sordid Scandal Continues

Yes, more on AdScam. Just as TechScam gains traction and commences rocketing down the road to widening public awareness, the continuing saga of the Libranos' playing fast and loose with our hard-earned dollars in a dubiously claimed scheme to "Keep Quebec in Canada" slithers back out of its crevice and rears its ugly reptilian head, widely-spread and swaying side-to-side, spitting venom and poised to strike again.

AnchorPin.Redpin gives us some more straight dope on the not-so-straight dopes whom more Canadians than ever before have come to revile. They link us to John Gleeson's Winnipeg Sun column wherein he enlightens us as to more...

Also reporting intensively on the scandal (the TechScam one, actually) is Kate at Small Dead Animals.