Monday, September 26, 2005

Monitor Media for Anti-Conservative Bias: Peter Kent

Via Neale News, this Canoe Network report by Dan Dugas tells us about this upcoming election's Conservative candidate Peter Kent, a former high-profile TV reporter, having made helpful recommendations for monitoring MSM coverage of the election.

From the report:

Peter Kent has written to 29 academics at journalism schools, asking them to closely monitor coverage of the next election.

Four journalism professors have indicated interest.

From Mr. Kent's letter, cited in the report:

"Given my first-hand experience in newsrooms across Canada over the years, I believe that most Canadian journalists are small-"l" liberals,

"It is also clear that Canadian journalism schools tend to be staffed by predominantly liberal professors who, year by year, turn out even greater numbers of liberally conditioned graduates and post-grads."

"Is there an inherent liberal bias in some of our leading news organizations or, asking the same question another way, is there an inherent anti-conservative bias in some of our leading news organizations?"

There's more in the report, including description as to the blatant, astonishing but little-realized-by-most-people difference in media coverage of the Conservatives versus that of the Liberals.

It's pointed out that whenever small minority of Conservative members creates some fuss, the media tend to extrapolate from the few to the whole. With the Liberal Party, this is not the case, and this pattern of mainstream media (MSM) behavior is, in my opinion, clear, undeniable proof of leftist, anti-Conservative bias in the MSM.

The Canadian Sentinel will do what it can to monitor and expose this indubitable MSM hostility towards the Conservative Party of Canada. Without this scrutiny of the MSM, which is "federally regulated", by the way, Canadians may be unable to make a fully, properly informed democratic decision on election day, which is what the Liberals, naturally, want and have long counted upon.