Monday, March 04, 2013

Obama's Reich: 1.6 Billion Bullets, 2,700 Armored Gestapo Vehicles

These aren't for Afghanistan or any other overseas shithole.

They are for YOU, American subjects.

Story here.

All part of the DHS and Obama's "Civilian National Security Force", which will be loyal to the state and its figurehead, ie. Obama, not to the People, the Constitution, nor the Flag, nor the Republic for Which it Stands.

What is it going to take to slap some reality sense into peoples' heads?

Don't y'all see what's going on?


Not the kind you want.

Oh, and they're coming for your guns soon, too.  As did the Nazis, the Soviets, the Maoists, the Muslims, etc., etc.

Didn't y'all see in the news that the far-left Colorado now intends to confiscate all shotguns?

What makes you think they won't eventually ban ALL firearms and go around in those big, scary military vehicles with gun ports in them, and demand you surrender your ONLY means of self-defence against a murderous tyranny?

What happens after they disarm you?

Do you really want to just wait and find out?

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