Sunday, March 10, 2013

Jamaat Ul Fuqra Rears Ugly Head, Sues Whistleblowers for Exposing Terror Camps

 Sheikh Mubarak Gilani, of "Muslims of America"/Jamaat ul Fuqra/Islamberg/International Quranic Open University, once very close to Osama bin Laden and once suspected and arrested in the execution of Daniel Pearl

Why hasn't the DHS raided these places for "terrorist threat reasons"?

The Islamic terrorist training camps known as Jamaat ul Fuqra, which has camps across America, some in Pakistan and at least one in Canada, is suing the Christian group that dared to expose them.

Isn't it astonishing how the JuF terrorists have been left alone by the government to do whatever they want, while now we see the Obama regime bellyaching and going loony over unseen, unheard "right-wing extremists" and imaginary "patriotic terrorists" instead?

Story here.  Plenty of info at that link.

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