Monday, March 18, 2013

Even Left Wing Now Scared of Obama's Ominous Agenda

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Now Code Pink, who bashed the Bush administration for war, though not so much the Obama one, is now expressing strong concern about the apparent goosestepping-towards-police-statism of the Obama regime.

Benjamin charged she was “upset” that liberal Democrats – who might question and fight the federal government’s growing police powers under a Republican administration – “have been very quiet when this is happening under Obama.”

Klein brought up concerns, such as those reported by WND, that the federal Department of Homeland Security and other non-military federal agencies have opened purchase orders for 1.5 billion or more rounds of ammunition over the last year. The ammo buy has been only one of several indications of a bigger, stronger and more militarized police presence in the U.S.

“Are we leading up to some sort of military-style control in America?” Klein asked.
“I think the potential is there,” Benjamin replied, “and the fact that 10 years after 911 the U.S. is still keeping the American people in the state of fear about terrorism and using that to take billions and billions of our tax dollars to use to set up these kind of facilities and equip our local law-enforcement agencies with military equipment and potentially really be turning us into a society where Big Brother is watching us all the time, I think is extremely troubling.”

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Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Yes indeed.

It's here, it's now in the US.

And VERY silent are the American Media Maggots.


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