Monday, March 11, 2013

Justin Trudeau. Is This a Prime Minister?

Justin Trudeau, the most likely next Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada.

A word of advice to Justin:

Stop making faces and gestures like this.

Because it's just too easy to use them to ridicule you in political combat.

And, remember, it does go both ways.

Your guys are nasty.

And we can match you, ridicule for ridicule.

So... grow up... or not.  Your choice.


Grannie said...

Really. Is this the best we can hope for? An entitled little air-headed elitist snob - who obviously takes after his pitiful gold-digging mother....
I feel so sorry for anyone who believes THAT is a good idea for Canada. And I feel sorry for Canada that he's being touted as the "great white hope". It almost makes one welcome "death panels".... WAIT! is that the ruse?

anĂ³nimo said...

Por ejemplo: