Monday, July 25, 2011

Terrorist Is Actually ATHEIST/DARWINIST, Not Real Christian

Based on his gayish looks, it'd be equally accurate to call him "The Gay Terrorist"!
Of course, the media would NOT mention his homosexuality if he was gay.
Hell, maybe he is.  But we're not allowed to say, same as if he was Muslim, right?
OK to accuse him of being "Christian", though...

The "journalists" and their headlines should not be saying that the Norwegian terrorist is a "Christian".

The terrorist in Norway does NOT believe in God.  He is an atheist who believes in only himself.

Just like George Soros, who isn't a Jew, but rather an atheist who thinks he himself is God.

Therefore, to call him a "Christian" in headlines is as inaccurate as he himself so self-labelling.

Ergo, it's most appropriate to refer him as simply "The Terrorist in Norway".

After all, if he was a Muslim who believed in Allah, the same "journalists" would steadfastly refuse to mention that he's a Muslim!

Likewise, media reports frequently characterized McVeigh as a "Christian," though he adamantly denied any religious beliefs or convictions – placing his faith in science.
Ah... it's just like how the leftist media liked to pretend that Oklahoma City Bomber Tim McVeigh was a "Christian" (and "right-wing).


The terrorist says:

"As this is a cultural war, our definition of being a Christian does not necessarily constitute that you are required to have a personal relationship with God or Jesus," he writes.

So he's really NOT "Christian", but rather atheist.  He's no more of a "Christian" than confessed, unrepentant Nazi collaborator George Soros is a "Jew".

I guess he just likes the pomp and circumstance of what goes on inside a church.  The somberness, the flourishes, the chanting, the insence, the robes, the hats, the stained glass, the statues, the fancy, high-ceiling architecture, the little white cookies and sip of wine...  Because he's NOT a believer!

And as for "right-wing", well, what does "right-wing" mean?  I dunno.  But the left-wing media loves to call anyone bad "right-wing" and doesn't like to mention when they're "left-wing".  Hmm.

This would be easier for the media if the terrorist was a dark-skinned, devout Muslim.  THEN they'd either call him a "militant", "insurgent", "freedom fighter" or even perhaps "Palestinian resistance fighter" or something... not a "Muslim" and probably not even a "terrorist".

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glacierman said...

The Christian Cultural War is in full-court-press, and the media is alive and well with those without the knowledge or hutzpah to be able to do any research into words and their meanings.

Define a word and you have the ability to define the culture, even if what you are saying is untrue or misleading.

Here is a great link of how the MSM have missed the boat on the right/left definition in politics and what we are now using in terms of those definitions. Once again, up is down and right is wrong!!!

I am actually closer aligned with the left in terms of government controls...who knew?!?