Friday, July 29, 2011


Down to the wire.

  The Subpoena for Obama's REAL, PAPER Birth Certificate.
It MUST Be Released.
(Click to enlarge)

No more screwing around.

It's go time.

10 a.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 8

"We will plan to hold a press conference late in the day of Aug. 8," Vogt said, "and if the document we see varies from the birth certificate documents the White House released, we plan to file criminal charges in Hawaii immediately."

"We will scan the document to compare it to the White House electronic version and the Xerox copies they handed out in the press room," he said. "We will immediately make our scan available to the public over the Internet, so the American public can see for themselves."


Because Fuddy neglected to file opposition to the court-issued subpoena within the 14 days specified, the Hawaii DOH appears to have little recourse but to comply with the subpoena by producing the Obama original birth certificate for Taitz's examination.

As for the answer to "why should he release his REAL birth certificate?"... The answer is "because it has been subpoena'd by the court".  OK?

Why has it come to this?  Why did his real, paper birth certificate have to be subpoena'd?  Why the stonewalling and multimilliondollar legal war to keep it locked up away from sight?

What... is... he... hiding?


balbulican said...

I think you accidentally missed my previous response to this.

This is the latest of several attempts by Orly Taitz, all of which have been quashed by the courts is various jurisdictions. Ms. Taitz herself was just rebuked by Federal Judge Lambeth, who noted drily that she was either "toying with the court or displaying her own stupidity".

The subpoena you are referring is a form issued by a court clerk to any officer of the court who requests it (including any attorney) and filled out by the attorney (although usually not in a scrawl like the one you posted). You make it sound like a judgement of the court: it is not. Here is a link that explains the process.

Word to the wise, Sentinel: Orly Taitz is so crazy that even the Tea Partiers are shunning her. I'd suggest you raise your evidential standard a bit.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Very good attempt, Balbsy. Very good.

Judging someone crazy just because you disagree with her persistence in having the Constitution upheld.

I guess you'd also have to similarly judge the gay movement to be crazy, seeing their persistence and apparent craziness in pushing their values onto society by whatever means, mostly dishonest and manipulative.

Ms. Taitz is just doing what has to be done, because few others will dare.

She's sorta like Rosa Parks, you know, whom many deemed to be "crazy" for her go-against-the-grain behavior. But, hey, somebody's got to get the ball rolling...

Canadian Sentinel said...

By the way, an astute guy like yourself knows that the images/facsimiles/forgeries uttered by Obama et al are definitely not the original birth certificate (funny that there's TWO "birth certificates" for one person) and must therefore be deemed as such and Obama deemed "crazy" for trying to fool the world with that shit.

balbulican said...

So you DO understand that this document you're being so dramatic about is a form obtained by Ms. Taitz from a court clerk, and not a binding order of any kind? Did you read the link?

"Judging someone crazy just because you disagree with her persistence in having the Constitution upheld."

No, I disagree with many people, but I don't think they're crazy. I think Orly Taitz is crazy because:
1) she's engaged in a repetitive, obsessive pattern of behaviour with no potential for a positive outcome. (Sorry, Scenty - if you understood legal proceedings a bit better, you'd get that.)
2) She appears to be incapable of logical thought. Have you actually read her website? Heard the woman speak? She appears to be both delusional and paranoid; her site (which I had never been to before this thread)rambles on and on and on and on about various wrongs done to her, and is barely coherent.

As for upholding the constitution - listen closely. The constitution of the US is a legal document. The authority for the interpretation of legality is the American judiciary. So far every level of the American judiciary tasked with assessing Obama's eligibility has decided that these allegations are not worth consideration. You appear to value Orly Taitz's interpretation more highly than the courts - well, that's fine. However, it does say something about...well, never mind.

"Obama deemed "crazy" for trying to fool the world with that shit."

Heh. Well, let's see. Obama's President of the US, and you're cutting and pasting material from a birther rag day after day, depending on whackos like Orly to keep your whole world view intact. Gee. Now let's see whose behaviour makes more sense...

Canadian Sentinel said...


More subjective, judgemental spin.

And I'd suggest that you look into the mirror, Balbsy. ;)

"...engaged in a repetitive, obsessive pattern of behaviour with no potential for a positive outcome..."

Ahhhh... sounds like YOU, with your obsessively pestering me to no avail.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Further, Obama and the Left don't know how the Constitution works.

That's not just stupid, but dangerous, too.

But folks like Balbsy here apparently don't care. They're like, oh, whatever, just as long as a black liberal progressive is in the White House and doing progressive stuff, who cares about whether he proved he's eligible?

Canadian Sentinel said...

Funny how a guy who disregards the Constitution seems to believe in the sanctity of the legal procedures in the courts anyway. Real funny.

balbulican said...

"Obama and the Left don't know how the Constitution works."

You crack me up. Until I helped you out here, you didn't even know what a subpoena was - let alone the Constitution of a foreign country.

But maybe we can make some progress there. Tell me, Sentinel: since you feel yourself to be more informed on the American Constitution than Obama (and of course, I believe you), here's a simple quiz. Under the American Constitution, which branch of the US government holds ultimate responsibility for its interpretation and application?

Let me help you even further by making the question multiple choice. Is the correct answer:
- the Executive?
- the Legislative?
- the Judiciary?
- Orly Taitz?

Take all the time you need. Think real hard. And if you get the answer right, we'll move on to the next lesson.

Consilium - Aarluk - Stonecircle said...
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balbulican said...

So? Come on, dude, it's a simple question, and it lies right at the heart of the whole birther "controversy".

Do you need a hint?

balbulican said...

Why, Sentinel - a leading constitutional authority like yourself, taking so much time with a a simple question?

Okay, let me give you a hint. It isn't Orly Taitz. Does that make it any easier?

balbulican said...

Okay, ANOTHER hint. (Jeez, I'm surprised a Master of the Constitution like yourself needs so much help!)

It's not the Executive Branch.

Only two left, Scenty! C'mon, YOU can do it!!

∞ ≠ ø said...

I read it! Here is what I find interesting.

”Because Fuddy neglected to file opposition to the court-issued subpoena within the 14 days specified, the Hawaii DOH appears to have little recourse but to comply with the subpoena by producing the Obama original birth certificate for Taitz's examination.”

“On July 15, Florence Stone, an interested citizen residing in Oregon, was told that Nagamine was on leave and that Fuddy had left the islands.”

Rule 45(c)(2)(B)
… The objection must be served before the earlier of the time specified for compliance or 14 days after the subpoena is served….

IF Taitz does have discovery privileges from her pending social security fraud case, then this scribbled document is legally binding.
Perhaps it slipped by the goalie. It is interesting that they chose to serve it by certified mail and entrusted the receipt to a newly installed Democrat Attorney General. DOH!
Let babbles bluster. Tic-toc. My hopes aren’t up, but good things happen when you least expect them.

Rickahyatt said...

Would someone PLEASE see that Orly gets this?

If you want to know who Obama's REAL father is. and probably listed as (What

he's desperate to hide at all costs), and how I know it to be so, pick up


digital download, at Kindle, or Ebay. (Or in PDF via email at my website, Here's the real shocker, and Obama may have

not even been aware of it, since he was adopted.
We share the same father, and he's WHITE; Obama's mother a black Indonesian.

But as such, he was not only bred and groomed to have certain genes

neccessary to create a "Manchurian Candidate," but run from afar as well by

simple mnemonic hypnotic command. By none other than former East German

"Master Spy," Gen. Markus Wolf. I was ushered into US Army M.I. after high

school and sent to Germany to lure him to the West. It worked, and he was
"Turned" in 1977, not 1992. He knew the Communist master agenda for the

Communization of America, and it's been counter-run all this time. To

include this recent attempted take-over at the top. Instead, it's served to
lure ALL of the moles from the woodwork - And this knowledge will cause a

revolution that will energize the people to take their government back with a

A simple DNA test would prove it... Where's the FBI? Help me get this around,

pls., so I would be brought in from "Out in the cold." I have real,live

personal photos, deliberately imbedded Security Breaches on file with the FBI
and Army that should by now have been declassified, and name witnesses who

can prove all of this. There's even more...
You'll come to find out why this "Master Spy" of false documentation,
grooming and political placement deliberately spiked Obama's. It's as you

say, everything and everyone Obama named will be reversed.
The above explains why all of Obama's documentation is forged, and

deliberately faulty. And to add to that, my best guess is that he was born

premature, inasmuch as Kapioloni is know for that. And that it was one of

the dead twins from whom his COLB was the template. I'm certain Obama has

Celiac's Disease, as I do, for it is inherent in the creation of said

"Manchurian Candidate."

balbulican said...

WOW! Red hot stuff, and totally documented, too!

Sentinel, I take it ALL BACK! You guys ARE REALLY ON TO SOMETHING!

Rick, that's just amazing. Can you post more about your evidence here?

balbulican said...

Sentinel, are you going to comment on this amazing new twist? After all, it's got SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE! I think you should invite Rick to be your co-blogger.

∞ ≠ ø said...

Genetics: The strongest known risk factor for Celiac Disease is genetics. Studies of identical twins (who share 100% of their genome) have shown that if one twin has Celiac Disease, the likelihood that the other twin also has the disease is 70-75%. For non-identical twins (who share 50% of their genome) the likelihood that both will have Celiac Disease is about 10%. Among genes that appear to increase the risk of developing Celiac Disease are HLA-DQA1 and IL2/IL21.
• Other risk factors: In some cases, Celiac Disease develops following surgery, pregnancy, childbirth, viral infection, or severe emotional stress.

Obama has no qualms with being photographed while eating or, more appropriately, stuffing his face.
Quickly consulting Google images with the key words “Obama eating” one can unequivocally conclude that he is certainly unaware of any Celiac (Coelaic) or Sprue type of ailment. But the point is moot given the elusive nature of the illness and the fact that genetics are not the sole underlying cause.

After viewing the Google image results I am compelled to offer this.
Genetics linked to increased risk of heart disease in African Americans
African Americans are more than twice as likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease as their white Caucasian counterparts, and new research published in BioMed Central's open access journal BMC Medicine suggests that genes may be to blame.

Take care of your heart my friend, and you will likely outlive your brother.

Anonymous said...

Here's the situation. Either Obama has been lying through his teeth or he is a "natural born citizen of the US." If he fails to meet the clear standards of "natural born citizen," he should be summarily REMOVED FROM OFFICE. Also, if Obama is using or has used an unauthorized, illegal social security number, he should be arrested by the criminal investigation system that has appropriate jurisdiction. Once arrested, he should face criminal charges and brought to trial. If he is found guilty of using an illegal social security number and that act is considered a felony, he should be removed from office on that grounds as well! He may be both a usurper and a social security system defrauder. It is time that the American people and the people of the world KNOW so they can act accordingly!