Thursday, July 14, 2011

Soros-Backed Propaganda Org Attacks Sun News

George Soros has already used his money and proxy attack dogs to attack and threaten the existence of the new Canadian news channel SUN News.

He's not stopping his war against SUN News any more than he's stopping his funded-proxy war on FOX News.

Now his proxy propaganda organization, the so-called "Organization of News Ombudsmen", an entity with no credibility and no authority whatsoever as far as I can tell, is attacking SUN News for him.

Following SUN's pullout from a left-wing press censorship organization due to it being too politically correct, Mr. Soros' beneficiary agency is attacking SUN News as "sensationalist", which is a charge that is unfair considering the leftist "manistream" media news outlets are very, very sensationalist and get away with it in the eyes of left-wing, so-called "press watchdogs".

The "mainstream" media gets away with sensational, unfair, hateful attack pieces on folks like Sarah Palin, most infamously, for example.

So for a non-leftist/non-politically-correct news organization to be attacked for effectively declaring its commitment to PRESS FREEDOM and pulling out of a censorship club... to be attacked by a George Soros-backed propaganda agency... oh, come on!  It's the socialists doing their thing again, is what it is.

PROOF of the ONO's connection to George Soros:

(...) ombudsmen organizations--the very groups whose mission includes calling out bias in their own papers--are also controlled by liberal purse strings; a conflict of interest in journalistic integrity to put it mildly. (...)
According to the investigation, the Organization of News Ombudsmen--a professional group devoted to “monitoring accuracy, fairness and balance”--is also funded by Soros.

In fact, NPR’s Alicia Shepard and PBS’s Michael Getler are both directors of the organization. This cannot help NPR or PBS given the microscope they are under for receiving tax dollars. Washington Post ombudsman Patrick Pexton is also a member of the organization.

Ooooh... it doesn't help that far-left-wing "news" organizations, including tax-dollar-recipient ones, are part of the ONO.

ONO = Oh, No!

Even worse:  It doesn't help that Mr. Soros is THIS KIND OF MAN.  And he freely admitted to it all on Sixty Minutes.  And he is unremorseful, as he freely indicates.
While hundreds of thousands of Hungarian Jews were being shipped off to the death camps, George Soros accompanied his phony godfather on his appointed rounds, confiscating property from the Jews.
 Excerpt from interview transcript:
KROFT: Went out, in fact, and helped in the confiscation of property from the Jews.

Mr. SOROS: Yes. That's right. Yes.

KROFT: I mean, that's–that sounds like an experience that would send lots of people to the psychiatric couch for many, many years. Was it difficult?

Mr. SOROS: Not–not at all. Not at all. Maybe as a child you don't–you don't see the connection. But it was–it created no–no problem at all.

KROFT: No feeling of guilt?

Mr. SOROS: No.
 As far as I'm concerned, a "watchdog" organization that accepts money from a man like this cannot ever be seen as credible.

So... the propaganda attack by the "Organization of News Ombudsmen" is hereby DISMISSED.


MikeAdamson said...

I hope that the hundreds of SunTV viewers rise up in protest.

Canadian Sentinel said...

SUN News has the MOST viewers in the Canadian news marketplace already.

Guess you missed that news... ;)

glacierman said...

The "Piper" has played! So Mike, how does it feel to be singing from the Soros songbook? You agree with a master manipulator like this? Cognitive dissonance much?

MikeAdamson said...

I did miss the news about Sun News having the most viewers...good for them. I did read an interesting hypothesis that the Sun's withdrawal is linked to the publication of a photo of a certain recent Royal visitor. You never know.

glacier...I no longer sing from Soros's songbook having been converted to the delight that is Just this morning I read an interesting piece titled Cataclysmic Turning Of “The Great Solar Serpent” Warned Near and I know that Soros would never dream of publishing that.

glacierman said...

Great to see that you have slipped so far into SorosWorld that you are now not able to distinguish truth from reality.
And your song is out of tune, by the way!

balbulican said...

"SUN News has the MOST viewers in the Canadian news marketplace already."

My dear Scentinel, I understand that reality doesn't impinge on your world very often. However, you shouldn't lie when the facts are THAT easy to check. From Sun's site:

"In its first six weeks (from April 18 to May 30) and for all times of day, Sun News brought in on average 13,000 viewers per minute. That's more than BNN, one-third as many as CTV News Channel and 18% of the viewers CBC News Network did."


In other words: Sun is well behind both CTV and CBC. They were also dumped last month by Bell.

Tsk, tsk. Try to tell the truth every once in a while, just for the sake of variety?

Canadian Sentinel said...

Back from your arrest from the flotilla to Gaza I see, Boob.

Ok, I recommend you check THIS out, Boob...

Not a bad start for a "brand spanking new" channel, said Dennis Matthews, director of marketing for Sun News.

"We're thrilled to be this strong out of the gate," he said. "If you look at our competition, in the case of some of them they've had a five-decade head start on us. And in the case of the CBC - the state broadcaster - they've got a billion dollars from the taxpayers, as well."

Canadian Sentinel said...

Furthermore, from same link...

Around 37,000 viewers across Canada tuned in to watch the fledgling news channel when it launched on April 18, beating the 24-hour CTV News Channel by around 20,000 viewers and the Business News Network by about 10,000, according to rough numbers from BBM Canada, a not-for-profit consumer-behaviour analyst.

And good numbers didn't stop there for Sun News. Later that night, The Caldwell Account - hosted by business analyst Theo Caldwell - had around 20,000 more viewers than both the CTV News Channel and BNN.

And that night's airing of Sun News' Daily Brief, hosted by political reporter David Akin, was also ahead of both CTV and BNN in viewership.

A week later, Daily Brief continued to pull ahead of both the other two 24-hour networks with a high of 59,000 viewers.

On April 26, that show, Caldwell's, the Charles Adler show and The Source with Ezra Lavent were averaging around 40,000 viewers.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Let the professional hairsplitting spin spew forth from the professional spin doctor Balbulican, finally back from a mysterious absense...

Canadian Sentinel said...

Not bad for a nascent network with far, far, FAAAR less carriage than the established networks, eh...

Not bad considering the vile hatred spewed thereagainst by the establishment, and not bad for someone who just survived an attack from George Soros' money... LOL

balbulican said...

Your statement was pretty clear, Scenty. You said:

"SUN News has the MOST viewers in the Canadian news marketplace already."

That's either an error or a lie.

The link you provided refers to Sun's initial broadcast on April 18 and first week. Ratings dropped immediately after launch day ( As noted in the link I provided above, Sun is only drawing 18% of CBC's viewership.

I note that the link you provided carefully ignores CBC's audience figures altogether.

Again, Scenty, you stated "SUN News has the MOST viewers in the Canadian news marketplace already."

That was an error, or a lie. If it was an error, an honest man would admit it.

So? Do you acknowledge your error?

Canadian Sentinel said...

Taking the lead of Obama's' press relations proxies, Scenty proceeds to ignore and ridicule the inconvenient Balbooger's inconvenient questions.

Scenty's of the mindset: Why sould I answer ridiculous, crackpotty questions? Why sould I? Just because the Constitution says I gotta? Why can't I just keep on doing what I want?

Oh, wait... Scenty is confusing himself with Obama and his eligibility problems... LOL

Canadian Sentinel said...

Hey, Balbooge! Obama just arrogantly claimed that 80% of Americans want the debt ceiling to rise and for higher taxes to be imposed.

Obama LIED. He is the most powerful man in the world... and he LIED.

Why do you bother ME instead of the most powerful man in the world, Balboob? I didn't outright lie; you just have to interpret what I said, like judges interpret laws and constitutions... ;)

Canadian Sentinel said...

Oh, and give my regards to Mr. Soros, willya, Balboobies? ;)

balbulican said...

Heh. Squirm, evade, bluster, change subject...

Bottom line: your statement("SUN News has the MOST viewers in the Canadian news marketplace already") was a lie.

Glad I could clear that up.

Scenty will now return to his regularly scheduled Obama-dementia. Thanks for the opportunity to share a little truth.

Canadian Sentinel said...

"Squirm, evade, bluster, change subject..."

Exactly, my good old chap.


You got the point.

Those things, and others, are what people are seeing in the likes of Obama. And what I've seen many a time in Balboobs.

Hmm. Obama "dementia". Nah, not dementia. Just telling it like it is, my dear Ballsnboobs.

balbulican said...

So Mike - you got that, did you? You didn't "miss the news" - our genial host just made it. :)

balbulican said...

Just curious, Scenty.

You've just made up a lie to support an argument, and you've been caught lying. And you've just demonstrated that you don't have the balls to admit it.

Why on earth should anyone believe a word you say?

Canadian Sentinel said...

Balbsy, Obama lies and fabricates and forges.

Why on earth should we believe anything HE says?

Oh, you don't mind about HIM... for some reason. ;)

balbulican said...

It's interesting that truth actually doesn't seem to play any part in your arguments or thinking at all.

You're Catholic, right?

Can you explain to me what in your religion allows you to lie?

balbulican said...

Heh. None of the above.

Just wondering how you, personally, justify lying. I'm just curious.

So you're saying that for Catholics, it's ok to lie as long as other people do? Is that correct?

What a strange religion.

balbulican said...

"Why bring religion into it?"

You seriously need an atheist to explain to a self-professed Catholic why one's moral code is relevant to a discussion of whether or not it's right to lie?

Give your head a shake, guy.

balbulican said...

Ah. Your facebook page used to say you were Catholic: I see you've changed it.

So Catholics aren't allowed to lie, but "Christians" are? Fascinating!

"Ok to attack Christians, however, I see. Interesting."

Oh, no. I'm not attacking Christians, Scenty. I'm attacking liars who claim to be Christian. BIG difference. :)

A follower of Christ adheres to Christ's teachings. They don't put those teachings on hold so that they can lie to support a flawed argument on their blog, then duck back into "Christianity".

Canadian Sentinel said...

Oh, I didn't lie.


If you look at how many households with cable have the established networks and then look at how many with cable have SUN News, well, you need to be fair and adjust for that factor...

If you're smart enough. ;)

Canadian Sentinel said...

And if I did have a FB page, it wouldn't be publicly searchable.

You're silly, thinking you found me on Facebook. You couldn't.

balbulican said...

"Oh, I didn't lie. Nosiree."

Good. That shows moral progress. Initially you simply ignored the fact that your lie runs counter to your self-professed Christianity. Now, thankfully, some vestigial moral impulse stirs, and you feel compelled to switch arguments deny your lie.

Unfortunately you can't. What you said, specifically, was: "SUN News has the MOST viewers in the Canadian news marketplace already."

No, they don't. You made that up. And scrambling to reframe your assertion ("what I really MEANT was...") is, if you'll forgive me, even more dishonest. At least admit what you said was bullshit - stop trying to cover your own ass. What would Jesus do? ;)

Canadian Sentinel said...

Dude... you seriously need to get laid...

Guess you cannot.

But there might be hope.

It's called "Viagra".

Myself, don't need it. :)

balbulican said...

"And if I did have a FB page, it wouldn't be publicly searchable."

More lies, little fella. Wow. You just don't have an honest bone in your whole fake-Christian body, do ya? ;)

Your religion is listed as Christian. Your Philosophy is "Conservative". There's a weird picture of a bald you, standing in front of a mirror.

Your favourite entertainers include Pat Boone, Ted Nugent and Kiss. Your favourite movies include Harry Brown, The triumph of Dingus, and 300.

Gonna stop lying now, for a change?

balbulican said...

"Dude... you seriously need to get laid...Guess you cannot."

Heh. One of us is actually married, has a wife, and has children and grandchildren.

That would be me.

How's YOUR sex life, Scenty?

balbulican said...

"Man, you really, REALLY hate Chrsitianity, don't you, bub?"

Do you mean "Christianity", Scenty?

No, I quite admire Christianity; and I'm gonna bet I know quite a bit more about it than you.

I do despise fake Christians, though...the ones who who lie, preach hate, and claim to be virtuous.

balbulican said...

"You're silly, thinking you found me on Facebook. You couldn't."

I thought you worked in IT. But if you need my help in adjusting your FB security settings, just ask - always glad to help out an old pal who has problems with computers.


Anonymous said...

WOW..this whole blog is a shame. Mainly on Balbulican...I am not sure why you feel you have to be a stalker..whats your point??

Canadian Sentinel said...

"How's YOUR sex life, Scenty?"

Heh... Better than yours. Of this I, and you-know-who, have no doubt. ;)

Canadian Sentinel said...

And, Anonymous, oh, my, indeed... the stalking being performed by the old dude is pretty unnerving...

...and suggestive of mental disorder, no?

balbulican said...

"Mental disorder".

Heh. This from the lunatic who seriously believed that I was a Chinese communist spy.

Not exactly stalking, Scenty. When you published that criminal slander about me, then published my name, I thought it might be a good idea to find out who you were.

Anonymous said...

Im wondering why either one of you bother responding to each other. Balbs and Mike, if CS bothers you why get on his blog? CS, since they bother you, why have you not banned them from writing? Just curious..because this seems like tit for tat...

∞ ≠ ø said...

Hay! Who said Beetlejuice?

" the Canadian NEWS MARKETPLACE..."

Not the media... the news market place. Real news. Not the leftist tripe the has warped the minds of so many. They don't want the news, they want the leftist tint to reassure them. Idiots.

The balbster has returned with a bad case of unrequited whale-shark love I'm afraid. Office still standing balbster?

I think the balbster and Margie Gillis are a shoe in for an interpretive whale-shark dance grant. Now that would be newsworthy... visualize.. and cut!
That's a warp!

balbulican said...

Well, I bother for several reasons.

a) I find it very instructive. CS has a very interesting way of reaching his conclusions, managing information not in accordance with those conclusions, and structuring a reality that vindicates and supports his worldview. There aren't many people like that, and the opportunity to interact with one is fascinating.

b) I am particularly interested in probing gently at the deep contradictions he embodies, mostly to see whether he's even aware of them and how he resolves them internally. Ideologues are inherently fascinating, and I think it's important for all us to understand them.

c) I also get a certain amount of guilty pleasure each time I can point out a lie or a serious error and watching him try to deny, rationalize or bluster his way out of it. As he did above.

Why does he tolerate us? I suspect deep down inside him there is good, and I'm sure he appreciates being helped toward the truth, even if he finds his gratitude hard to express sometimes.

Censoring again, I see...another one of those hilarious contradictions, but essential if he's going to maintain that very fragile world view. :)

balbulican said...

Ah, you found one of the whale shark videos. Cool, eh? Was it the snorkling one (shot just off Utila, north of Honduras) or the scuba one (shot in the Gladden Split, off Belize?)

Canadian Sentinel said...

Balbulican, either you're scary, or paranoid, and are obsessed with who's doing research on you. I'm sure you were alerted to multiple search hits on your stuff.

Wonder if you've got some kind of weird shit relationship with various search engines...

Whatever... don't let the sharks bite...

balbulican said...

Well, see, George Soros and Mark Zuckerberg and Obama and the Ayatollah and I all have universal access to everybody's web searches to further our nefarious plan for world conquest. Nothing more scary than that.

∞ ≠ ø said...

Atheists and Christians, paranoids and stalkers, spies and IT guys, Sun and Soros, News and views.... ahhh yes the view. The best part of this thread by far was Kate's little apple ass. How sweet it is. Clearly not even considerable as a motivating factor for a withdrawal.

Been there done that. Is this one soooo very different?

Salacious, scandalous, or just more of the same?