Friday, July 22, 2011

More Experts: Obama Birth Certificate a Forgery

Oh, just ignore the evidence.

Ignore logic, reason.

Ignore sound, settled science.

Ignore the massive consensus of scientific agreement that Obama's "birth certificate", both alleged versions, is a FRAUD.

Ignore the Constitution that says who can and cannot be President.

Ignore Mainstream Ameircana who want proof that their alleged "President" is not an impostor committing treason every moment.

Attack the messenger rather than trying to disprove the proof.

Call people "Birfers" because you feel good when doing so, as it gives you a false feeling of superiority.

Call people "liars" and "racists" because you cannot defend the indefensible.

Carry on like a good little Obammuninst prog lemming.

And ignore the fact that only comments that deal specifically with the SCIENCE will be accepted on this post!


Canadian Sentinel said...

Forensic science applied to documents and electronic forgeries thereof... is far more understandable to the average person than is the monstrous body of falsified data uttered by the global-warmist IPCC mob of "consensual (alleged) scientists".

Anonymous said...

I believe that Hillary pinned the name 'birthers' so what does that tell you?

Canadian Sentinel said...

It tells me that Hillary is a dishonest propagandist.

Canadian Sentinel said...

I see there are no leftists posting who dare to challenge the science. What does that tell us? ;)

balbulican said...

"What does that tell us? ;)"

Well, if you're asking me, it should tell you that I don't think you understand what "science" is, any more than you understand what "journalism" is, and that responding to the birther drivel you cut and paste is, as I said before, really boring.

A fellow fan pointed out that cutting and pasting birther stuff from the last remaining source is your hobby, and is pretty harmless. At least you're not out murdering kids at camp.

Anonymous said...

And JUST one more thing if you will allow //

And no disrespect or distain is intended for the OFFICE of our GREAT PRESIDENCY and White House.

Respect and honor and a great varity of reasons, hold the United States Presidency in our Prayers and hopes, for continued blessing and truthfull success.

BUT the truth is, STILL THE TRUTH .

oBOMA does what he has to do~~~ just to get by.

Feeding his donors and supporters Un merited fuel, is HIS only OBJECTIVE.

this~ is HIS main OBJECTIVE.

The only REASON things get done, is because the people who SURROUND oBOMA, Drape the

American Flag around him, WHILE HE shoves it off of himself, in disheveled pride. and NUMB ignorance.

While, He admits, Boldly and sneeringly, he has done plenty of COCAINE.

Please Use your head and tell us, BECAUSE we need and deserve to know...

Why would we want a NUMB cacK heaD in the White House.

oBOMA should have stayed *( WHERE HE WAS ) ~ in the cracK house. !

balbulican said...