Monday, February 25, 2008

Homofascists Condemn Principal For Wearing Boy Scout Uniform

The ultra-leftist moonbats are getting uglier and more hateful all the time.

Diane Gramley, a pro-family activist in Pennsylvania, says it's hard to comprehend why a public school principal is being criticized for wearing a Boy Scout uniform during a television segment.

Gramley is president of the American Family Association of Pennsylvania, and she is talking about the fact that homosexual activists in the Keystone State are blasting a
public school principal simply because he is a Boy Scout leader. Robert Wheeler,
principal at Cleveland Elementary School in Allentown, recently appeared on the
PBS show Tempo, dressed in his Scout uniform.

Wheeler was featured on the program, which concentrated on the good works done by the Boy Scouts of America. In addition, other Scouts who attend the school were shown wearing their Scout uniforms. But the president of an organization that claims the Scouts practice discrimination by prohibiting homosexuals to be leaders said the school should not support the Scouts and should never have allowed them inside the building in their uniforms.

Gramley says the demands are absurd and outrageous. "This is a [kindergarten] through fourth-grade school, so we're talking about little kids," she explains. "And some of these activists don't even want the little boys to be permitted to wear their scout uniforms to school on the day that they meet after school, in the school building. It's hard for me to comprehend."

The homosexual fascists who would be so assinine to condemn the Boy Scouts are hypocritical. They aren't saying, "The school should not support the Muslims and should never have allowed them inside the building in their uniforms". May I remind everyone that Islam is murderously intolerant of homosexuals and never allows them to become imams and other Islamic leaders, at least knowingly?

The Boy Scouts are good. They don't have to be forced to endorse ideologies in which they strongly disbelieve as a matter of values stemming from Christianity, which is protected under the constitution. They cannot be required to make openly "gay" individuals leaders in their organizations if it's against their values. If they can, however, be forced to do so despite their constitution's guarantee of freedom of religion, etc., then Muslims can and must also be forced to make homosexuals imams and other kinds of leaders. But as long as the homosexual fascists leave the Muslims alone, I say, leave the Boy Scouts alone, you cowardly bullies!

Geez... if the homosexuals want to form their own scouting organization, let them. Then they can lead as much as they want within their organizations.

Besides, do you think the homosexuals would be tolerant of people inside their organization who were openly non-condoning of homosexuality? Do you think they'd make non-condoning-of-homosexuality people leaders in a homosexual scouting organization? Sure they would, and so would the Muslims make homosexuals imams!

You know, this is another example of homosexual extremists persecuting Christians. After all, the Boy Scouts uses Christian values and belief in God as fundamental values. Therefore the homosexual militants are being intolerant, Christianophobic, hateful... isn't that nice?

For heaven's sake! If "gays" don't want to join the Scouts, they don't have to! No one's forcing them to! What's happening here is clearly that the homosexual fascists want to tell the Scouts what they have to be and not be. This is unconstitutional.

After all, nowhere in the American constitution does it say anything about homosexuality or even sexual preference.

For this to change, then the Constitution would have to be changed according to the specific processes prescribed therein. Why not respect the Constitution? Oh, that's right; extremists find it inconvenient, therefore they ignore it or lie about what it supposedly says or doesn't say.