Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Ominous Internal Party Signs for Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer...

Ominous signs for Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer...

Reports that he's facing opposition from BOTH "social moderates" and "social conservatives" in the party.

Then there's this: Via CPC fundraising e-mail, I see that suddenly they're not raising funds anywhere near how rapidly they had been prior to the election. Few days ago they set a goal to raise another 50 grand in a hurry. They failed. They didn't fail like this before.

This means that Conservatives are watching and seeing nothing being done or said by Mr. Scheer to assure them that he's learned from his mistakes in his first campaign as leader. It's not enough to merely replace a couple of people. That's no different from a cabinet shuffle to make people forget the past. Won't work. 
We must hear from Mr. Scheer that he has been taking the wrong advice from the wrong people and will now focus on actually winning by listening to the Harper people and the Trump people, listening to them say stuff like "build a MUCH more aggressive quick-response communications war room that isn't afraid to offend the communists and their media wing with the plain, proven truth" and doing hard-hitting TV/newspaper ads that tell everyone how dangerous it is just to vote for the Trudeau Liberals, how criminal, corrupt and treasonous Trudeau et al really are. 
Got to make even progs see the Liberals as super-radioactive and biohazardous... with the TRUTH, which the Conservatives haven't been hollering far and wide via TV/newspaper ads like they MUST. And it must be done NOW, to define Trudeau et al properly to EVERYONE, including those who are brainwshed by the establishment media.
Ball was dropped and a horrifying tyrant was shockingly re-elected. So now what does Scheer have to say about how he plans to win next time FOR SURE? People are waiting and time is wasting.


Canadian Sentinel said...

Update: Scheer stepped down as Leader.

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