Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Climate Change: Trudeau's Cover For Commie Tyranny

Man cannot stop climate change. 

Climate change happens no matter what we do or don't do. 

Always has, for billions of years!

The whole climate change alarmist campaign is really a communist plot to bring the Free World to its knees whilst raising-up the Non-Free World by taking away the Free World's right to its own energy industry, including oil and natural gas, while letting the Non-Free World do whatever it wants.

Right now, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, recently reelected by brainless commies to a minority regime, is deliberately destroying the Western oil industry.  Trudeau hates Western Canada.  He is a notorious Quebec supremacist.  He is a communist.  He is an Islamic supremacist (the hard evidence is all you need to know this... he did say the Shahada in a Wahhabist mosque, wearing Islamic garb, in presence of multiple Imams, thus officially having converted to Islam, albeit without announcing it formally to the world).

Climate change is being used by Justin Trudeau as a cover for imposing his devastating international communist agenda that's been devastating Canada since he rose to power in 2015.

Justin Trudeau must be opposed most fiercely.  His regime must not be given one damn inch.

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