Monday, January 07, 2013

OK, What Psych Drugs Was Adam Lanza Taking?

We know that drugs can cause otherwise sane people to do things they otherwise would never, ever do, like "bath salts" causing cannibalism.  It's also true that most psycho mass shooters were drugged up.  Why isn't this as big a deal in the media and politics as guns are made out to be?  It's irresponsible to not investigate whether anti-psychotic drugs can cause people to do insane, evil things, particularly when they stop taking them and go into withdrawal and go... berserk and completely out of self-control.

Sandy Hook school shooting.

Adam Lanza, the late shooter.

Why no investigation into WHAT MIND-ALTERING DRUGS WAS HE ON?

Was the massacre motivated by withdrawal-induced insanity/psychosis?

Story HERE.

When on earth are we going to find out if the perpetrator of the Sandy Hook school massacre, like so many other mass shooters, had been taking psychiatric drugs?

In the end, it may well turn out that knowing what kinds of guns he used isn’t nearly as important as what kind of drugs he used.

Why the cover-up on this important question?

Is the media... under strict, official, authorative control?  That would explain why they won't ask that question... being forbidden to ask.  Perhaps Big Pharma is behind the silence.  Perhaps the government is.  Who knows?  Perhaps there's even more going on that we can only speculate about from the evidence, the suppressed evidence, logic, reason, elementary deduction...

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