Friday, January 04, 2013

Hunger Striking Chief Just A Lying Politician Trying To Save Ass

Theresa Spence:  Hogging the spotlight, hoping for manufactured sympathy by faking a "hunger strike" so as to try to fool everyone into thinking she's a downtrodden victim when, in fact, she's a common corrupt, thieving, selfish politician trying to escape accountability.  Well, SUN News is the only Canadian media outlet that bothered to investigate for the facts, and, boy, did they uncover some pretty damning numbers...

Story HERE.

As the leader of the remote northern Ontario reserve stages a hunger strike in Ottawa, demanding that Prime Minister Stephen Harper meet with her to discuss the third-world conditions in her community, documents show that plenty of cash is moving through the settlement.

Financial audits show that while Spence was paid $71,377 as current chief, her partner, Clayton Kennedy, was also employed as the reserve's co-manager. Kennedy's consulting company, Moo Shum Enterprises Inc, charges $850 per day - working out to $221,000 per year.


 With other band executives making more than $100,000 per year and a new ice re-surfacing machine bought during a housing crisis, some are wondering why the ongoing Idle No More campaign isn't calling for better financial oversight.

Not only that, Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau, himself an Indian demanding the Indian chiefs be accountable and stop screwing ordinary Indians, has reportedly received death threats from the so-called, mysterious "Idle No More" propaganda group making lamestream headlines for its increasingly criminal antics and rhetoric attacking the federal government without making any case for such attacks.

Who's behind the public spectacles?  Corrupt Indian chiefs... or ordinary Indians affected by them?  If it was the latter, then why aren't they demanding their chiefs be accountable to them, rather than just issuing sound-byte-intensive rhetoric towards the federal government?


Jen said...

Hi sentinel, regarding to the Natives here's something you wouldn't looking at:

Some Harper Gov’t achievements for First Nations since 2006

One of bills pertaining to Aboriginal Matrimonial Women Rights to own property when in case of divorce was voted down by the liberals and NDP, when this particular bill was first introduced.

Anonymous said...

If she has been starving herself then why is she still fat?
What a liar, thief and cheat.