Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Journalism Failures Example

 Here is the example.

The failures are as follows...

Being too eager to believe whatever the "authorities" tell the media, and failing to demand evidence to substantiate the claims they make.  Indeed, the media is failing to ask why we haven't been allowed to see any evidence that the massacre did, indeed, as claimed, take place.  What about surveillance camera footage?  In the doorways and inside the school?  Anywhere?  What about crime scene photographs showing irrefutable evidence that a massacre indeed took place?  What about a picture of the dead gunman? It's unprecedented to show zero evidence whatsoever.

Namecalling regarding those who question the narrative due to lack of evidence and to suspicious circumstances and behaviors of various players in the whole story.  Since when is it illegitimate to want more evidence and question the honesty of a notoriously dishonest, corrupt state apparatus?  Since when is it illegitimate to question the "mainstream" media, which we know lies to us all the time and hides critical information and evidence from us to protect various parties?

Really, this article is rather small-minded and hardly an example of inquisitive, free, logical-thinking journalism at all.


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

There is Columbine evidence all across the internet. And on YouTube.

Which is why I now call it -- ours -- the American Media Maggots.


Heavy sigh.


Bloviating Zeppelin said...


VERY nice blog layout update!


Canadian Sentinel said...

Thanks, BZ! :D

Canadian Sentinel said...

OH, and how about that Obama, and how about the Left and the Lamestream Media exploiting slain children for the purpose of manipulating the population's emotions and de-sensitizing them to the concept of taking away peoples' rights via nonsense called "gun control", which doesn't control guns getting into the hands of bad guys at all?