Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dr. Salim Mansur, Himself A Muslim: Suspend Muslim Immigration to Canada

Dr. Salim Mansur is my kind of "Muslim".  He's nothing like most Muslims, as far as I'm concerned.  If there's lots more Muslims like Dr. Mansur, they better start saying the same stuff he says, and advocate for action to crack down on the propagation of the hatred and incitement of the violence, as promoted by the Koran, and cleanse their community of the "extremist" element... or be suspect of a hidden agenda by most non-Muslims.  Action being the key word... simply denouncing "all extremism in all ideologies/groups" is worthless.  Until action is taken by "good" Muslims (rather than the arrogance and equating of Islam's problem's exclusive magnitude to that of all faiths), they shall continue to be suspect.

Dr. Mansur wants Canada to suspend immigration of Muslims.

Because he understands what's what.  He is an expert on what's going on.  He knows.

"Their values, ideologies, politics and culture is completely incompatible with the values of Canada as a liberal democracy."
 I suppose "progressive" dummies want to call Dr. Mansur "hateful", "racist" and "Islamophobe" now.  Go ahead.  But you'll have to make your case in the court of public opinion.

Speaking of the court of public opinion, I noticed the following poll result over at SUN News the other day:


Canadian Sentinel said...

You know, some folks ironically get mad if we Kufrs (non-Muslims) advocate for official discrimination against Muslim immigration, but the same folks don't mind at all that the vast majority of Muslims polled across the entire world favor having laws that discriminate against non-Muslims. How hypocritical. And how failing to understand what Islam is really about. And how guillible vis a vis Taqiyya.

I've actually talked with claimed-"moderate" Muslims about how they feel about the need to crack down on Islamic supremacism, the violence stemming therefrom, the inequality and intolerance, the grave violence, etc... and they got all arrogant and claimed their ideology isn't any worse in terms of magnitude of the extremists and their activities. They try to equate all other faiths to theirs, without proving their bizarre, unbelievable claim. Such folks are either delusional or are themselves extremists in moderates' clothing. Look, I'm not stupid, and I will not respect people who try to insult my intelligence by trying to propagate what is clearly bullshit talking points to me.

Canadian Sentinel said...

I respect Dr. Mansur because he doesn't lie. He clearly indicates the blatantly evident reality of Islam and of far, far too many Muslims. He does this even though self-identifying as "Muslim".

THAT is what I respect. Bullshit Taqiyya from extremists in moderates' clothing, I will NOT respect. Nor tolerate. I shall not speak with such Taqiyya-spewers unless absolutely necessary.

Glacierman said...

Nice to see you back and as acerbic as e-va!

Liberal Democracies only work when...not sure if they do work!

Democracies only work when the majority are operating out of a Christian world view. The equality of all men, in their value of life and being created in the image of God. All men are not created equal, but deserve equal respect, based on their God-given value.

If you call yourself a Christian, the expectation is that you are to respect all humans with the same value in God's eyes. Whatever your religious belief, you are to be loved and respected. But, that does not mean that all humans are to be tolerated according to their deeds. The criminal and murderer and thief are not tolerated in our society, and they are stopped at the border and not allowed in. The safety of those within the borders of a country have the expectation that those who they send to serve in public office to do their jobs and make sure the citizens are safe and protected by just and equitable laws. They are also responsible to stop those from entering our borders with the sole purpose of destroying the value system through the democratic process.