Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Checks and Balances?

When the "checks and balances" mechanisms which are supposed to keep the state honest are controlled by corrupt people who are onside with a corrupt state, then the "checks and balances" are worthless precisely because they're controlled by people who will prevent checking and balancing.

Yes, it's difficult, given the perceptual and reactive, irrationality-promoting conditioning we've received via external sources, to believe that checks and balances mechanisms and agencies and such could be partly or wholly compromised and made worthless. But, seriously, we know it's POSSIBLE... and to acknowledge this is our start to becoming independent thinkers and analyzers of evidence and patterns of behavior of various players, patterns which, over time, suggest to us what the truth really is, no matter the media/authorities narrative.

Fact: The late Nikita Khruschev, leader of the Evil Empire Soviet Union, is on record as declaring his regime's plot to, over the long term, subvert and corrupt the United States of America internally, while directed from his regime. And it's documented that communist Americans have been doggedly acting to corrupt and subvert the institutions that made America strong and great in the first place. Over decades, everything came under attack by these stealthy subversive folks. They all toe an ideological, agenda and propaganda line.

Khruschev did say that the plot was to give Americans little, increasing, progressive doses of socialism, which would meet with conveniently little resistance, until one day they awoke to the realization that, WTF, they were living under a communist regime.

And now there is a communist in the White House, and he's being as subversive as possible as quickly as possible. Millions are awake to this indubitable, blatantly evident reality. Those who don't see this reality are submitting to the "mainstream" media's consent-manufacturing for the communist agenda. They're lazy-minded. Some are just stupid, usually by choice. Some just don't care at all. But millions of people DO care, and DO look for evidence, and DO analyze it all independently to arrive at independent, valid, evidence, logic, reason based deductive conclusions. Like millions of amateur Sherlock Holmses and Columbos.

This is what's happening, folks, in a general nutshell.

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