Monday, December 31, 2012

Like I Said, The 'Science' Is NOT 'Settled' Re 'Global Warming', Etc

Story here.

Even the scientific sides have made dubious claims, though. In AR2, prominent skeptics who had initially been invited to contribute found their work dropped without notice at the last minute. A "hockey-stick" temperature graph - showing centuries of stable temperatures followed by a sharp upward spike during the industrial age - featured prominently in several places in AR3, even though the data it was based on was highly dubious.

And the scientific sections of AR4 were rife with errors, from unverified claims about disappearing Himalayan glaciers to a sensationalized report on rainforest devastation done by an eco-activist and a freelance journalist.

The point is, UN climate change agencies have always been far more about the politics of global warming and far less about the science. The science typically only figures when it suits the political ends of alarmist scientists and UN bureaucrats.

So skeptics should not hope the latest revelations will stop the constant drumbeat of environmental alarmism emanating from national capitals, enviro lobbies, ivory towers and the IPCC. If this is mostly a political exercise, scientific data will be powerless to derail it.

Indeed.  It's really about POLITICS.  It IS a left-right thing.  Whyy are people letting themselves be manipulated with such bullshit politics and propaganda?  Remember, ALL professions are chock full of corrupt, greedy, unethical, amoral folks for whom money and social status with rich, cool, pretentious elite groups are more important than truth and professional/scientific integrity.

I also noticed that folks like top propagandist Al Gore and so-called "scientist" (propagandist and money-hungry leftist) David Suzuki get pissy and hissy when asked inconvenient questions about the science of what they're talking about.  Funny, that.  They have zero confidence in what they tell us, otherwise they'd be able to answer satisfactorily without batting an eyelash, rather than pretending to get angry to fool the questioners into believing that they're being rude/annoying and better go away or else.  Sheesh.  They're just like Obama on that.  He won't take serious, inconvenient questions, either... he's all rehearsed and teleprompted, and nothing outside the script is allowed to bother him and throw him off his concentration on looking like a latter-day, uber-cool Xerxes or something.
Relax.  The environment is ok, really.  It takes care of itself naturally, over time.  It has, so far, and continues to do so.  No one has proven otherwise, though they love, for political reasons, to claim they have.

By the way, it's coooooold and there's tons and tons of snow everywhere where I'm at.
Global warming?  Wish it was here.  In the winter, anyway... ha-ha!




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