Monday, April 06, 2015

Islamic Supremacists Infiltrate UK Schools AS Teachers

Story HERE.

According to the 'The Sunday Times', the schools were the focus of the Trojan Horse scandal, which saw efforts by hardline Islamists to take control of state schools.

The NCTL is reportedly examining 30 cases with an expectation that many more will follow, as many as 100.

Allegations under investigation include claims that an al-Qaeda style video was copied at Park View Academy, one of the schools involved in the Trojan Horse affair, and that teachers punished children by making them kneel on tiles.

More than 50 staff members in schools across Birmingham also allegedly exchanged messages in a WhatsApp group which included homophobic remarks, offensive comments about British soldiers, claims that the murder of soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich, southeast London, was a hoax, and discussion of segregating boys and girls.

Wow... can't have any kind of scumbags as teachers.  No way.  Especially supremacists who believe in mass murder of people who are different.  This left-wing bullshit cannot be tolerated.

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garv said...

maybe that's because they're the only religious group spewing all the hate mongering, claiming it's God's word...the thing I know is God's word is <3 love