Thursday, April 02, 2015

Double Standard: 13 Gay Bakers Refuse Service To Christian!

"Shhhhh!  We're gay and don't serve Christians here!  We HATE them!"

Shoe's on the other foot, and a bakers' dozen of homosexual bakers demonstrates its hypocrisy towards a Christian who demanded cakes from them that would've violated THEIR beliefs and rights.

But will the Leftist State Apparatus force the homosexual flour sifters to either do what violates their creed, or else be forced out of business... just like the gays keep on doing to Christian bakers, demanding wedding cakes from them, but never, ever from bakers of any other faith?

Story HERE.

No one targeted pro-gay bakeries, but gay activists target Christian bakeries. “Support Gay Marriage” is one Christian bakery was sued for refusing to put that slogan on a cake for an event to support the gay agenda. Yet Christian bakeries that refuse to make pro-homosexual marriage cakes are getting sued left, right, and center.  They get fined, they get death threats, and they lose their businesses. This experiment proves beyond doubt that the gay agenda is not just about their freedom to practice a sexual orientation, but the suppression of free speech.

To make our case we provided 3 video clips, the third one is a video showing homosexual activists in Ireland used the state to force a Christian bakery to make a cake with the slogan “Support Gay Marriage” for a pro-gay marriage event, but he refused which added a tremendous loss to his business. Several Christian bakeries were sued in the United States with several who lost their businesses and we said enough is enough.

So decided to call some 13 prominent pro-gay bakers in a row. Each one denied us the right to have “Gay Marriage Is Wrong” on a cake and even used deviant insults and obscenities against us. One baker even said all sorts of profanities against Christians and ended the conversation by saying that she will make me a cookie with a large phallus on it.

Aren't you tired of smug liberal brainwashees smugly telling you that "gays and lesbians" are the nicest people on earth with impeccable character content who wouldn't discriminate against a fly?  Me too.  Many, many, many of them are simply intolerant, bigoted hypocrites.

Interesting how the gay militant activists from the Hard Left Wing of society only target Christian bakers for this harassment and abuse, but never any other bakers of other-than-Christian faith.  It's as if Christians are the exclusive targets of the GLBT revolutionaries and the Hard Left.  In fact, j'accuse the GLBTs and the Left Wing of doing precisely that!

Turnabout is fair play.  Exposing hypocritical, hateful bigots, no matter how exalted by political correctness they may be, is fun and just!


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