Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Listing of Concentration Camps in America: Ready For Obama's Martial Law and Dissident Roundups?

I've seen secretly-filmed footage of one such camp.

Here's a photo of a facility in Tennessee, showing unusual, advanced barbed wire fencing apparently designed to keep people IN.

More information, including specific locations of likely concentration camps... HERE.

Remember, the government isn't going to talk about them, nor about what they plan to do with them.  But they're apparently there.

And combine all of that with the fact that the Obama administration has ordered two billion rounds of ammunition, including the banned-under-Geneva-Convention hollow-tipped variety, designed to kill, not stop.  Plus thousands of fully automatic weapons, thousands of tanks and armored vehicles, thousands of planned drones...  ALL FOR DOMESTIC USE...  BUT WHY?  THERE'S ALREADY POLICE AND THE NATIONAL GUARD.  WHY THE CIVILIAN MILITARY FORCE LOYAL TO OBAMA, NOT TO THE CONSTITUTION?

Not to mention many draconian executive orders signed by Obama that would effectively enable him to play Hitler/Stalin/Mao/Pol Pot if he so chooses.  Do we trust this notorious liar?


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Bill said...

I looked at the page listing "concentration camps" and noted these aspects that detract substantially from the list's credibility:

- the list hasn't been updated since 2001;

- Canadian locations are suggested and are laughable. I have been to two of them and can assure they are not prepared to host any kind holding facility; and

- There are no UN facilities, troops real or imagined on North American soil, and there wasn't in 2001. For some time the UN has been so financially embarrassed that it can't properly pay for its current peacekeeping deployments and operations.

Capt (ret) RWD, Cdn Armed Forces.

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