Sunday, April 14, 2013

Homsexual Thugs Prove Selves and Movement Unworthy of Respect Due to Violent Intolerance Towards Christians

Shocking.  The "gays" preach "tolerance" but prove they don't believe in it after all.

Hateful.  Violent.  Spraying Christians with pesticides (chemical warfare?!  Who are they, Al Qaeda?).

Throwing hard objects at Christians' heads, drawing blood, endangering their lives via possible internal haemmorhage.

Tearing pages from Bibles and throwing them at Christians.

The "gays" are just cowards because they'll only do such things to Christians, who are non-violent, peaceful people.  The "gays" never dare do this to Muslims, because they're cowards and fear the Muslims, who would often actually kill them for such disrespect, if not for their simply being "gay".

See it all for yourselves... The Gay Nazis!

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