Friday, March 23, 2012

INS Records For In-Flights To Hawaii During Obama Birth Week MISSING


Into a very, very clear PATTERN.

It's PLAINLY OBVIOUS that Obama's true origins are being covered up.

After months of searching, investigators commissioned by Maricopa County, Ariz., Sheriff Joe Arpaio to examine Barack Obama’s eligibility for office found Immigration and Naturalization Service travel records for foreign flights into Hawaii in 1961, only to discover that records for the week of Obama’s birth were missing.

Investigators were searching to determine if Barack Obama might have been born in a foreign country and returned to Honolulu in or around August 1961 with his mother, Ann Dunham.

Arpaio’s team looked at databases in the National Archives and Records Administration with microfilm of INS passenger records for foreign flights arriving in Honolulu and New York City.

If Obama was not born in Hawaii, as he and the Hawaii Department of Health have been insisting, there should be INS passenger cards that the new mother filled out for herself and her infant son upon arrival in Honolulu from a Pacific Rim city or arrival in New York City from across the Atlantic.

Isn't it suspicious and odd that the INS arriving-foreign-flights data for the precise week of Obama's claimed birth are not available?

Logically, for them to be missing, particularly since Obama and his people have gone out of their way to hide as much evidence of his past as possible regarding whether he's an American-born or foreign-born person, and have uttered two proven-forged, computer-generated "copies"of "birth certificates" claimed to be Obama's... logically, there is a cover-up to be deducted, due to the clear pattern indicated by the preponderance of evidence and suspiciously missing evidence.

Logically, Obama should have his powers suspended completely until he can produce VALID, AUTHENTICATED evidence that he was, indeed, born in America.

Detectives, investigators and prosecutors would have ample evidence to take to court to get a REAL, SCRUPULOUS judge to recommend suspension of Obama's powers pending valid proof that he meets the Constitution's Eligibility Clause requirements for being President.

Already he fails on the two-American-citizen-parents count.

He has failed to validly prove the other count:  Born on American soil.

Belief is irrelevant.  Mocking people and calling them names to discourage their questions and investigations is irrelevant.

Only the evidence, the truth and the Constitution matters.

Until valid proof is furnished, Obama is not the President.

Even though it is PRETENDED that Obama is the President, the truth is that he is NOT, for one must prove as required in order to be legally entitled to something for which such proof is required!


Anonymous said...

Were you under the impression that there were direct flights from Kenya to Hawaii in 1961??? NO, THERE WERE NO SUCH FLIGHTS.

So, the way to get to Kenya was via Los Angeles and New York and London, and the return would be the same way. And the INS check in would be in NEW YORK, and the New York files are not missing and do not show that Obama or his mother entered the country in 1961.

Moreover, be real smart, imagine that you were a Bush official checking on whether Obama was born in Kenya before the election, and you found that INS files were missing.

What would you go? Why you would check whether or not there was a US visa or a US passport issued to Obama in Kenya or whether he was entered on his mother’s US passport in Kenya. And where would the files be? In MANY places. In particular they would be under the files of applications for documents in Kenya and documents granted in Kenya in 1961. So, not only would there have been an INS record of Obama arriving in New York, if he really were born in Kenya, there also would be records of Obama receiving a US travel document.

But there are no such records. There are also no Kenyan records. No records of Obama’s mother having arrived or departed Kenya in 1961, and no records of Obama’s birth in Kenya (there have been some forgeries, but they are all stupid). And there are no US travel records either from the INS or the State Department.

In contrast, there is the birth certificate from Hawaii, and the confirmation of the three Republican (and several Democrat) officials in Hawaii, and the further confirmation of the birth notices in the Hawaii newspapers (which in those days were only sent to the papers by the DOH of Hawaii, which did not send out such notices for children born outside of Hawaii).

balbulican said...

Now, now, Anonymous. This is a hobby for these folks. Don't confuse them with facts.

balbulican said...

"Even though it is PRETENDED that Obama is the President, the truth is that he is NOT."

Well, you're wrong about that, Sentinel. You keep ducking a very critical point.

The branch of the US Government that rules on constitutional matters is the Judiciary.

The Judiciary has overturned every single legal challenge to Obama's presidency.

So I'm afraid he IS the President, whether or not a Canadian IT guy decides to recognize his authority or not. :)

Canuckguy said...

I thought for a moment that Anonymous was you in disguise Balbul.

glacierman said...


The judiciary has not allowed to hear evidence and has blocked the lawsuits which an other citizen has the right to legally engage in.

They have not heard the evidence, they have blocked it.

There is a huge difference in those two statements, one looking for evidence, the other, sad to say, keeping you and me from the TRUTH!!!

balbulican said...

Okay, so the Judiciary - all of it - is in on the conspiracy too?

balbulican said...

And sorry - my point still stands. Sentinel's failure to recognize that Obama is the President is an interesting personal choice on his part, but that's all. He is the President.