Thursday, March 22, 2012

Humourous Political Picture Interlude

Preston Manning, left, and Stephen Harper, right, after they unplugged Obama's teleprompters for a real cool prank.  Obama sure is funny in a goofy way without his teleprompters, so it's always good for a laugh...  Either that, or somebody just farted.

"...and then I encountered a guy wearing blue gloves.  He introduced himself as "Tee-ehs-ay", a very odd name, I'd say.  And then he proceeded to kneel before me and... he actually touched my balls!  I say!  What in Heaven's name happened in the century and a half I've been away?"

"Hello, I'm Sir Porkalot, the Peaceful Crusader.  Would you like a pamphlet about the wonders of being a Christian, sir?  For example, as a Christian, you can drink alcoholic beverages, look at uncovered women... and you can even eat me..."

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