Thursday, March 22, 2012

ANOTHER Clearly-Forged Obama Document Subject of Police Investigation

Above:  Date stamps, used by the Selective Service registry office, are supposed to look like the one on the right, ie. with four digits for the year, and positioned precisely thusly.  But on Obama's alleged Selective Service registration document, which police are certain is a forgery, it's clear that the date stamp on the left, ie. on Obama's alleged document, is phony...

Looking at the evidence presented and explained, it's BLATANTLY CLEAR that Obama's Selective Service registration (for military draft purposes) is a FORGERY, just like his two claimed "birth certificates" (yup, TWO "copies", not two authenticated originals, of the alleged short- and long-forms of the document).

Story here

Read it, look at and think about the evidence presented, and judge for yourself.  Don't listen to Obama-defending propaganda activists- there is never anything wrong with looking at evidence with an open, independently-functioning mind.  There is nothing to be ashamed of in wondering whether Obama has been honest or dishonest, whether he is fraudulently occupying the White House, etc.  No, we're not "crazy", nor "cranks", and silly, infantile slurs by Obammunist propaganda footsoldiers like "birther" and "birfer" are utterly meaningless, like names hurled at us on the playground by dumb left-wing, unethical bullies who hate truth.

Following up on his investigative team’s finding of probable cause that Barack Obama’s Selective Service registration form is a forgery, Maricopa County, Ariz., Sheriff Joe Arpaio has asked Selective Service Director Lawrence Romo in a letter to produce original documentation.

A copy of Obama’s registration form indicates the registration took place at the Makaki Station Post Office in Honolulu on July 29, 1980. Arpaio wants court-approved, forensic experts selected by his office to examine the original for its authenticity, as well as any microfilm or computer copies that may exist.

In the letter, Arpaio also asked Romo to pursue his own investigation to determine when and how Obama’s Selective Service registration was submitted and entered into the agency’s records.

“No doubt your agency has established procedures for investigating probable cause suspicions when a Selective Service Registration card has been forged,” Arpaio writes.


balbulican said...

Ah, MORE stuff from Tea-Party commissioned Joe and his Clown Posse, via WND.

Love it. Keep it coming.

" Read it, look at and think about the evidence presented, and judge for yourself."

I agree, absolutely. And then look at the multiple excellent debunkings of this nonsense online. This is a good site to start with:

Funny, Sentinel, last time I linked to the counter-argument, you never rebutted it. A man as committed to truth, evidence and logic as yourself surely has something to say?

balbulican said...

"But on Obama's alleged Selective Service registration document, which police are certain is a forgery..."

Which "police" have declared this document a forgery, Sentinel?

glacierman said...

Hey Balb,

Your link is nothing but a bunch of opinion pieces, nothing as far as evidence on that site. Only the chatter saying there is no evidence.

The host said that the stamp USPO (Office) was discontinued in 1970 and all the stamps after that were USPS (Service). So, where is the "proof" that somebody doing a forgery couldn't have found an old stamp to try and recreate the original or just ordered a new one to say it.

My experience is that those who are lying always leave a trail back to the truth. They are not the sharpest knives in the drawer, and cannot think of everything to cover their tracks.

You love the debate, but the "hopey changey thing" is just that...blind and willful lemming talk.

The cliff is right ahead, just keep running!!!

balbulican said...

Glacierman, I hope you followed the links back to the previous articles on this sliver of birfer nonsense as well?

You are correct. These rebuttals do not constitute "proof", any more than Arpaio's Clown Posse "findings" are "proof", or the various anomalies in the reports of Elvis's death constitute "proof" that he's still alive, or the evidence of obsessed engineers on the collapse pattern of WTC building three constitute "proof" of George Bush's complicity in 9/11.

You really should read Jonathan Kay's book on conspiracy theorists. It's interesting from a number of perspectives. Mostly it's a great primer on critical thinking, and how to weight evidence and opposing claims as to its interpretation. More amusingly, it's a spot-on portrait of Sentinel.

As Kay concludes and as you've just generously demonstrated, there is simply no way to satisfy a conspiracy theorist. There is no hypothesis too absurd, as long as it supports the main theory. Birfers who are not actually nuts inevitably premise these absurdties with multiple qualifiers, like:
"I'm not saying I believe that, but doesn't it seem funny that...", or "I don't necessarily believe he was born in Kenya, but why doesn't he just..."

'They are not the sharpest knives in the drawer, and cannot think of everything to cover their tracks.\"

Absolutely. But somehow you believe that relatively dim bulbs like Arpaio and Taitz have unearthed a Secret Conspiracy, hatched before Obama was born, involving several successive state governments, the federal government and the judiciary branch, media, Saudi Arabia, George Soros, and God know who else. And this conspiracy is somehow NOT taken seriously by rich Americans like Romney who could actually use it?

Give your head a shake.

balbulican said...

Sorry, it's just that this is getting funnier and funnier as the layers of delusional paranoia get thicker. One of the things that has Sentinel freaked is that the mysterious boarder is alleged to have said: "I'm going to be president someday".

If any American's son said that, his parents would beam with pride. For the Birfers, it's Proof of the Worldwide Evil Conspiracy.

Get a grip, kids.

glacierman said...

"And this conspiracy is somehow NOT taken seriously by rich Americans like Romney who could actually use it?"

You mean kind of like Al Gore? Or George Soros? Or Maurice Strong? Or David Suzuki?

You have got to be kidding when you bring up Romney, aren't you?

That man is a RINO if ever there was one!! He is all over Obamacare like fly to flypaper. He lives on tax dollars and has gotten very wealthy on tax dollars. And just like most of the uber-rich Democrats has his holdings offshore in far friendlier tax havens.

Shame on you for bringing that into the discussion as evidence, Balb.

Do you work for the CBC? ;^)

Canadian Sentinel said...

Well, he may well have done work for the CBC, I'll say that much. They'd love to have him on. Can't recall ever seeing him on, though.

But he does remind me a lot of David Suzuki sometimes... both in arrogant, pompous, albeit articulate shrillness and in appearance. Sorta like a white David Suzuki, if you will.

balbulican said...

"Well, he may well have done work for the CBC, I'll say that much."

Full disclosure: my paid work for the CBC has consisted of design of an orientation program in the late eighties, appearances as a musician with a series of bands from the early seventies to the mid eighties. I worked as executive producer on a three hour, live show for another network that was carried by CBC Newsworld, but it wasn't a CBC production.

I've met Suzuki - not a pleasant fellow, but my wife says he was a good geneticist. I'm a much nicer person than him.

balbulican said...

Glacierman: I don't think you understood my point. Let me try again.

Birfers are constructing an astonishingly complex scenario that makes no sense whatsoever. It begins before Obama's birth, requires conspiracy at the highest levels of several sequential state governments, the government of the US, the Judiciary, and, in Sentinel's iteration, folks like the Saudis, George Soros, the Commies, the Chinese, and God knows how many other co-conspirators, for roughly four decades, in complete secrecy, without detection.

You wanna believe that? No problem.

Several of the richest men in the USA would like to replace Obama as President. Are you suggesting that Romney is refusing to endorse the Birfer Theories because he's secretly part of the Grand Conspiracy too?

Do you seriously believe that??

glacierman said...


A very famous song writer and entertainer said it best: "Everbody's gotta serve somebody! It may be the devil or it may be the Lord, but everybody's gotta serve somebody..."

When you look at Obama's track record (what parts are available to the public...such as old girlfriends...still none of them have come forward or there aren't any) there are so many holes in a life which is either factitious or he has some very nasty people working with him to throw lime onto everything he touches that there is none.

If you sit back in your easy chair and think about it for more than 10 minutes, do you think it is a coincidence that Obama has gaping holes in his life story, or that he is indeed a Manchurian Candidate?

We know more about you than we do about this man and his past. This guy has more holes in his story than there are in Mickey Mouse's Swiss cheese collection.

∞ ≠ ø said...

1. Hi glacierman. The supposed refutation is from the same source Mike aka naked mimosa Adamson posted earlier. Totally vacant of merit with the exception of the (unsupported) assertion that Obama senior was in summer school, which is plausible.

What you almost got to was the fact that this "brilliant" piece starts with the idea that the USPO changed to the USPS in 1970, while failing to notice that examples within Arpaio's article show the stamp in service in 1980. Better 'debunking' sites show examples of the stamp in use through 1988. Blah-Blah could do better, but he's such a silly subversive.

2. In general, we are being asked to believe that the laws of physics ceased to exist in this one instance for the number 19. Bear in mind the year insert for the stamp is a one piece four digit block. Also, it is curious that the wear pattern is on the top of the 80 which is more to the interior of the insert. The wear pattern is improbable. View the JUL and see that the wear occurs at the exterior. Also note that the font of the 80 is smaller than the date, indicative of the one piece four digit block
If you lost the date block, and stuffed in two digits instead the font would be larger.

Interestingly the SSAN (social security account #)is redacted. Obama's SSN group was issued in the 1976-1977 time frame and was not noted. It would be interesting to follow that account # I'm sure.

What is truly amazing is that if Obama was in fact legit, every one of his legal papers is way out of the ordinary. He had the opportunity to submit himself for scrutiny with John McCain. He knew the gray areas of his past. He chose not to. Screw 'im.

The more plausible answer is that he isn't legitimate.
2 OCONS 1 without constitutional language
three year wait for a long form that isn't original
SSN from Connecticut
Draft registration with cut date stamp
State Department file breached
When is it just too much?
Short video:July 15, 2011

The only thing that is humorous here is our crazed resident conspiracy denialist. The Blah-Blah is stuffing his head in any sand he can find.

Well, this one's for you Balb.

balbulican said...

I appreciate the quote, Glacierman. Saw him do that one live shortly after the release of Slow Train - probably the best of his concerts I've been to.

So - DO you think that the Republican Party is part of this massive coverup and conspiracy too? Just curious.

glaceirman said...

∞ ≠ ø,

Couldn't have said it better! There are so many discrepancies in the Obama history. He is either the most unlucky man to have so many civil servants fumble and bumble over his personal documents or there are some very smart criminals working to make somebody look believable. And of course, under scrutiny, the truth is out there and nobody seems to want to take responsibility for it.

The biggest problem that I see is that all those who voted for the "One", are too ashamed of the truth because they would be guilty of being gullible to one of the biggest scams the world has ever seen.

"All those who voted for Barry, please raise your hand"



There are elements of the both political parties which are working the same end game.

Freemasonry would be the link within this, but then that would put me in the "nutter" house if I were to say that out loud. ;^)

We know that Clinton, GWB and many others are part of the Skull and Bones from their days in University, and they have no problem palling around the country on speaking tours, glad-handing together. They have deep connections which are for the most part not talked about, but then that is what they swear to when they sign up...secrecy to the point of death.

So Balb, got a question. Are you a Freemason?

balbulican said...

Nope: I don't actually know that much about them. My dad was a member of the 4th degree knights of columbus, though.

But now I'm totally confused. How are the Freemasons linked with Soros, the Saudia, AND the communists?

balbulican said...

"The biggest problem that I see is that all those who voted for the "One", are too ashamed of the truth because they would be guilty of being gullible to one of the biggest scams the world has ever seen."

Ah. So "all those" who voted for Obama are actually in on the secret, and know "The Truth", but are too "ashamed" to admit it.

That's one heck of a conspiracy.

glacierman said...


First off, take some time out of your retirement and do some research into the whole of Freemasonry. But please be careful and don't get sucked in to it. When you do, keep in mind that there are those who have put their lives on the line to expose the inner-workings of the rights and rituals. There are curses of death and destruction which I don't have the time and resources to fully expound on, but they are out there.

If you are able to keep an open mind, then you will see that Masonry is not restricted to a political party, a branch of any government, and is alive and active within most of the mainstream churches in the world. They are a woven fabric in the communities. Have you ever seen any Freemason Halls? Oddfellows? Shriners? Jobs Daughters? Every city in the world which has an obelisk has a Masonic symbol rising up to show its place in the community.

2)Stupid and/or uniformed people are not going to stand up and admit that they have chosen a loser. Try that in any room. Ask who has committed a crime with a policeman standing beside you.

It has nothing to do with conspiracy. Guilt is way too powerful and most won't admit to voting for the Manchurian when they realize they have been duped.

Conspiracies are for entertainment value, which is what you keep equating this too.

Most people can't handle the truth because it causes them to have to change. And change is hard.

Kind of like changing your mind that Obama may well be not who the media and the Handlers are portraying.

balbulican said...

Re the Masons - what do you suggest for a first read?

And seriously - how are they connected to George Soros, the Arabs, the Communists, Muslims, and all the other secret forces that Sentinel says are behind this conspiracy?? Are these guys ALL Masons?

∞ ≠ ø said...

Freemasonry 101.

glacierman said...

Balb said:
And seriously - how are they connected to George Soros, the Arabs, the Communists, Muslims, and all the other secret forces that Sentinel says are behind this conspiracy?? Are these guys ALL Masons?

It is a battle of kingdoms.

There are two sides, the Kingdom of Light which God is the King of. The other is the kingdom of darkness, which Lucifer (or satan - or any other name he is referred to) who is a usurper and the father of lies.

Which side are you on? Just like George W. said, "either your for us or against us" there is no middle ground.

I know that is a bit disconcerting to those who have no world grid for God and the Spirit Realm, but this is truth and reality.

For the most part, Masons believe that they are just all right and are just trying to do good things, but their source is not the God of Abraham, Issac and Israel, but a passive and wimpy god.

I do not have a "good book" on Freemasonry, but I do have "The Book" (The Bible) which exposes the flaws and fallacies of Freemasonry.

I get and know most of what I have learned about the Freemasons from those who are former members, and their accounts are far different than the glossed over versions you will read on "pro-masonry" web sites (I have looked at them).

There are many institutions like the RCMP(and most other large city police forces NYC) which only allow advancement into upper levels of management positions if you are a Freemason, although that is an unwritten rule.

So, if that is what you would call a conspiracy, then so be it. Is it a grand master plan or just alignment with something other than God's plan. Pick this day whom you will serve, cause ya gotta serve somebody!!!!

balbulican said...

"There are two sides, the Kingdom of Light which God is the King of. The other is the kingdom of darkness, which Lucifer (or satan - or any other name he is referred to) who is a usurper and the father of lies."

I understand in general terms what you're saying. But you are proposing that an extremely complex plan (to put it mildly) has been carried out over at least five decades, in this real, physical, human domain, involving multiple governments, officials, agencies, judges, politicians, right down to administrative staff; and that this has escaped notice. Sentinel says that Arabs, Communists, Muslims, the Chinese and George Soros are all behind it. Large scale statements about good and evil are all very well, but you are saying that these folks are somehow planning together, secretly, in this world. Are you saying that the Masons are the unifying and planning force behind all these plotters?

'I get and know most of what I have learned about the Freemasons from those who are former members."

Okay, that will do. What readings do you recommend? (Bear with me here, I really don't know much about them.)

And Sentinel: do you concur with the hypothesis that the Masons are behind all this?

glacierman said...


This whole thing is not a Masonic thing. They are just following a plan which has been in the works for far longer than there have been Masons, Communists, Muslims, Christians or anything else.

There is an entity and he is fighting for the right to control and take as many people away from worshiping God.


Everyone who does not worship God...everyone, is working against Him. Passively or actively.

There is a battle and there are only two sides.

The Freemasons are but ONE organization which has chosen, and they have not chosen well.

Can you take a very serious look at every institution on earth and honestly say which ones, in your estimation are living by the "Golden Rule""? Which ones would you choose to lead in the ways of God?

As I have said, I do not have anything specific which I would send you toward...other than spending some time reading the Bible and then exploring some books or articles or internet sites dedicated to exposing Freemasonry.

balbulican said...

Okay. So Freemasons, Arabs, Communists, homosexuals, Muslim and George Soros (and me) are engaged in massive plot to deceive the world about the birth of Obama, and this (and Obama's presidency) are the work of an entity who is using them to subvert God's will. Is that correct?

Sentinel, do you agree with this summary?

I've googled some of the Masonry/Masonic conspiracy sites, but I'm not finding anything very credible - it's most badly written, badly sourced, and frankly reads very much like the kind of stuff that anti-Semites spew about the Jews. In fact, a number of those sites appear to have a very strong anti-Semitic bent. Are there one or two that you can refer me to that you feel are more credible than what I've been finding?

glacierman said...


Your logic is a bit lacking.

You are either being a wanker who is trying to pigeon-hole me into saying that there is this massive coordinated effort to try and cover up this Obama fraud.

I will not engage in this any longer.

I have stated and you don't seem to get what I have said. Freemasons are almost everywhere, in almost every country, at all levels of government, in most places.

They are a fraternal organization. They hold secret rituals, rites of initiation which can be attested to by many former members. Some of these are very disturbing, like having swords pointed at their hearts, nooses around necks with heads bagged...most will deny because of the sworn secrecy and oaths being spoken during these. Even blood oaths.

If you want to search sites which are not "conspiracy" related, they are out there, but you seem to be bent on connecting everything to Obama, but that is your choice.

If you want real information, you can find it. I won't spoon feed you. I know you are more intelligent than that!!!

You won't probably get the Kingdom thing, as you don't believe there is a God and devil thing anyway, but that is also a choice. I can't make you believe something, but I have given you enough information that if you are a seeker, you will find. If not, live your "happy and contented life" in your bliss, singing "lalalalalala...."

balbulican said...

"you seem to be bent on connecting everything to Obama."

Uh...This is a thread about Obama. YOU are the person who linked Masons to this conspiracy, not me.

I asked you to recommend some readings. You didn't provide any. If you choose to, that would be appreciated. I went googling and found some sites that seemed, frankly, insane, linking Masons to the illuminati, the Jews, Arabs, George Bush, and aliens (believe it or not). I found some sites in which Masons address the various conspiracy theories leveled against them. I will keep reading, and I have downloaded a book on Freemasonry that seems reasonably well sourced (certainly better written and sourced than stuff online.

As for my singing "lalala...": I asked for your reading suggestions, and you declined. I asked you to describe the operation of this conspiracy, and you declined. So I hope you'll forgive me if I have a few reservations about the rigour of your analysis. Thanks.

∞ ≠ ø said...

I was never here.

∞ ≠ ø said...

Shhhhhh! Shhhhhhhhh!
a simple illustration of glacierman's point...
or.. another prank?

glacierman said...


No need to get snarky, old boy!!1

I said I was not going to spoon feed you, and I meant it.

The internet is sooooo full of Freemasonry, there is the good with the bad. Pull the weeds out and go for the gold.

When you go to membership lists of Masonic Temples you will begin to see who is who in this world, and then put the puzzle pieces together yourself. It's not that hard, man!!

Then, tell me if there isn't some kind of "connection" between the philosophies and if the choir ain't singing from the same song sheet.

Or, you can continue to mock me out and stick your head in the sand.

Enough already!! I am not here to think for you!!!!

P.S. What do you think about your fellow undersea compadre, James Cameron's assault on Challengers Deep?

balbulican said...

"I said I was not going to spoon feed you, and I meant it."

No problem. I'm already reaching my own conclusions.

'I am not here to think for you!!!!"

Uhh...yes. I assure you I wouldn't want you to.

"What do you think about your fellow undersea compadre, James Cameron's assault on Challengers Deep?"

Pretty cool. There's obviously a hefty chunk of self promotion in it (he's preparing to release Titanic in 3D, and Avatar II will be partly set underwater); but the man clearly has a real passion for the ocean, and his interest has driven all kinds of amazing innovations in UW technology. If I hadn't already known he was a diver, I would have guessed it when I saw Avatar - most of the beautiful multicoloured plants growing in the forest of Pandora or drifting on the breeze were actually closely based on crinoids,jellyfish, nudibranchs, soft corals and other underwater fauna.

My wife and I were diving quite close to his site just six weeks ago, in Palau, but i assure you we never got deeper that 130 ft.

glacierman said...


Niiiiiice!!! Must be VERY NICE to be in warm water during the blowin' n snowin' here during the winter months. Nice gig!! How was the underwater expedition?

balbulican said...

It was the best dive trip in years. This time we weren't shooting a video, just doing it for fun and the dives. Brutal trip to get there (30 hours of flights), but once we were one the boat it was heaven. Palau is a shark sanctuary, and it's at the confluence of three big current systems (including Cameron's Mariana Trench) so there's always LOTS in the water. We saw sharks, manta rays (first time for me), and some of the nicest coral I've ever seen.

Most amazing day was a morning screening of a documentary on Peleliu, site of one of the bloodiest battles of WWII. Then in the afternoon we explored the invasion beach and the Japanese caves (the last defenders didn't surrender until 1947!), and then dove off the beach among the landing craft and invasion debris. Cartridges, shells and wreckage, all slowly becoming encrusted with beautiful coral. An unforgettable experience.

I am a dive instructor, so if you ever want to certify, let me know - discount for bloggers! :)

glacierman said...

Let me know when you are in search of Ogopogo and that may be an option!

How big a discount? ;^D