Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ron Paul's Dhimmi, CAIR-Connected Advisor On Islamic Threat

Oh-oh, Ron Paul.

See, he doesn't know what he's talking about when the topic turns to Islamic supremacism, Islamic terror, Iran, etc...

Here's why.

Definitely read the whole thing and find out where he gets his crazy ideas on foreign policy.   

From a guy closely tied to Islamic supremacists!!!

But I fully expect hardcore, determined Ron Paul adherents to not give a shit.

They want to save a trillion-plus dollars on the cost of government. They want to get rid of whole useless agencies like the EPA and NEA.

Those are good ideas.

But I have a problem with the fact that they don't give a freakin' shiite about Ron Paul's dangerous lunacy and brainlessness on matters of national security and defence and global threats.  I can't believe otherwise rational folks are seeing Ron Paul as some kind of guru on these matters.  WTF?!

Ron Paul is UNBALANCED, period.  That's not a good quality in a potential president.

I don't trust Ron Paul.  I cannot.  I fear that he's actually a puppet, a Trojan Horse.  No, I don't have proof... it's just a legitimate fear based on logic and reason.

Those who want to vote for Ron Paul for a few good reasons whilst ignoring the dangerous stupidity and ignorance of the man... go ahead.  But you will be held responsible should he become President and prove to be a latter-day, American Neville "Peace in Our Time" Chamberlain.

It's a serious risk that I will not take.  Not that I can vote in that dogfight anyway.

Oh, and if the guy below, known as "Vermin Supreme", said he'd end the Fed and save a trillion bucks, and wore a suit and canned the funny-ass antics, would the Paulbots become 'bots for HIM, despite his other weird-ass ideas?


glacierman said...

CS, the paintbrush you are trying to use on Ron Paul is pretty wide there pardner!

The foreign policy of Ron Paul is only dangerous if and when the pullback of American presence in every single country happens all at the same time, which ain't gonna happen.

To say otherwise is fear mongering at best and downright sloppy in its logic, as it will in no doubt shake the economies of those occupied countries to the core, as the benefits those countries receive are sometimes the thing which keeps them viable.

As one comment read after the article, there is a provision for the starting of wars, but constitutionally it must be done as an act of Congress, not at the whim of the President, like GWB and Obama have done in the past decade. Then the "people" can be on board, throwing their weight behind the Forces, not this heavily weighted Republican war machine. (by that I mean the young men and women being primarily conservative and very patriotic to the Nation).

Ron Paul is not going to dismantle everything first week into his Presidency. He will be after the economy, the Fed and Banksta's, the EPA and the other useless money sucking corporate welfare programs instituted by the Socialists.

What has America got to lose? Really? The country will not be sinking all the aircraft carriers and battleships and cutting and sinking all the war planes like our country did....they wouldn't do that...would they?

Time to give the Ron Paul thing a bit of a rest and spend some time scrutinizing the other candidates like this. Captain Underoos, Gingrich and Santourum need some vetting and attention too, dude!!!

FREE said...

glacierman the media is already blacking out Dr Paul because there masters have already decided mitt is gonna be the choice.

I do agree with you though that America has everything to lose if they vote for anyone else, saying that the fix is in Dr Paul in Iowa was screwed out of 7 delegates when the recount somehow gave both mitt and santorum 12 apiece with one left to the vapor.

The republic old school is just the other side of the dem coin, scum and con-artists to the last man.